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  Teddy (Italy): Ready-to-Wear made in Italy.  In 1961 Vittorio Tadei, who is the sole administrator of the Teddy company today, left his job as a public accountant to help his family in their clothing shop in Riccione. He was so successful at his new job that after a few years he created a small workshop specializing in the design and production of knitwear to be sold in his family store.  Today, in 2006, Teddy is a global company. Its wholesale merchandise is distributed through a network of 7 distribution centers located in Bologna, Milan (Lachiarella), Milan (Cernusco), Paris, London, New York and Amsterdam and there are more then 9000 clients representing 92 different countries from around the world. Retail distribution includes 4097Terranova
, Calliope
and T&C stores located in 36 nations and 8 Rinascimento stores. Teddy Group statistics: turnover of 284 million Euro, over 400 people employed, utilizes over 1500 ancillary personnel.

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Couture, Ready-to-Wear and Mass Production: Fashion deals with a world of illusion on the one hand and a hard-bitten, multifaceted and multi-billion pound industry on the other. This stimulating book clarifies how fashion operates on all its levels: the mystery of haute couture is explained, the complexities of ready to wear are simplified, and the power of mass production assessed and evaluated. Fashion terms, their use and meaning are explained in plain words and the complicated stages of design, manufacture and distribution are described in detail. Also included are sections on bespoke tailoring, wholesale menswear, dressmaking, millinery and accessories, the fashion calendar and short biographies on the most influential designers.  About the Author: Gavin Waddell, whose experience of fashion is wide ranging, has worked as a designer for two of London's top couturiers, as a ready-to-wear designer with his own label, as a forecaster, menswear designer and illustrator and more recently as a writer on the subject. As an educator he has run three of Britain's foremost fashion schools and performed the role of assessor, external examiner and advisor to many of the country's leading colleges and universities. He studied fashion design at Saint Martin's School of Art London and has had his work featured in, amongst others, Womenswear Daily, Vogue, Harpers and Queen and The Times.

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Ready-to-wear or Pret-a-porter is the fashion design term for clothing marketed in a finished condition, in standard clothing sizes. Some fashion houses or fashion designers create ready-to-wear lines that are mass-produced and industrially manufactured. Others offer lines that are still very exclusive and produced only in limited numbers and only for a limited time. In contrast to haute couture, these lines are never one of a kind. High-end ready-to-wear lines are sometimes based upon a famous gown or pattern that is then duplicated to raise the designer's visibility level.
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