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Welcome to the worlds greatest guide to Women's Cotton Boxer Shorts.  Are you actually researching cotton boxer shorts for women?  Well, we hope you are because the reality is that you have found our ladies cotton boxers page. 

Cotton is a soft, fluffy staple fiber that grows in a boll, or protective case, around the seeds of cotton plants.  The fiber is most often spun into yarn or thread and used to make a soft, breathable textile. Of of the many clothing items produced from cotton fabric would be underwear such as boxer shorts.

Boxer shorts (also known as loose boxers or as simply boxers) are a type of undergarment. Boxers come in a variety of styles and design but are characterized by their loose fit.

Girl boxers have come onto the market in recent years. They are often worn as loungewear. They differ from women's boyshorts in that they are commonly longer and more closely resemble their male counterparts.

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What is the difference between men's and women's boxer shorts?

Well, women technically don't have the same use for the fly.  Most boxer shorts for men have a fly in front. Boxer shorts manufacturers have a couple of methods of closing the fly: metal snaps or a button or two. However, many boxer shorts on the market do not need a fastening mechanism to close up the fly as the fabric is cut and the shorts are designed to sufficiently overlap and fully cover the opening. This is commonly known as an open fly design.  Women's boxer shorts often don't have a fly or the fly may be sewn shut.  No rule set in stone, but generally their is little or no need for a functional fly.

How did boxer short underwear get its name?

In 1925, Jacob Golomb, founder of Everlast, designed elastic-waist trunks to replace the leather-belted trunks then worn by boxers. These trunks, now known as "boxer trunks", immediately became famous, but were later eclipsed by the popular Jockey-style briefs beginning in the late 1930s.

The term has been used in English for underwear since 1944 for all-around-elastic shorts, so named after the shorts worn by boxers, for whom unhindered leg movement ("footwork") is very important.

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Thank you Mr. Eli Whitney for helping keep the cost of cotton boxer shorts reasonably priced.  Production capacity in Britain and the United States was improved by the invention of the modern cotton gin by the American Eli Whitney in 1793. Before the development of cotton gins, the cotton fibers had to be pulled from the seeds tediously by hand.

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