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Denim is a sturdy cotton warp-faced[1] textile in which the weft passes under two or more warp threads. This twill weaving produces a diagonal ribbing.

Apparel is a collective term for items worn on the body.

The following are a few example of denim fabric apparel items.

Denim Dresses

Denim Jackets

Denim Jeans

Denim Pants

Denim Shirts

Denim Skirts

Denim Shorts

The most common denim is indigo denim, in which the warp thread is dyed, while the weft thread is left white. As a result of the warp-faced twill weaving, one side of the textile is dominated by the blue warp threads and the other side is dominated by the white weft threads. This causes blue jeans to be white on the inside. The indigo dyeing process, in which the core of the warp threads remains white, creates denim's signature fading characteristics.

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