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Tailored suit maker Caraceni was founded in Rome, Italy in 1913 by Domenico Caraceni. The relatively obscure tailor has crafted handmade suits for various celebrities over the years, including Tyrone Power, Humphrey Bogart, Gary Cooper, Cary Grant and Sophia Loren. The Caraceni label is also famous for dressing generations of The Kings of Greece and Italy, The Prince of Wales, Prince Rainier of Monaco and Aristotle Onassis. At one point in the 1930s, Domenico and his family operated ateliers in Rome, Milan and Paris.

Today there are several businesses going by the name "Caraceni" in operation. The original shop operates out of a small locaiton in Rome with a very small workforce. This is run by Tommy and Giulio Caraceni, nephews of Domenico. There are three branches in Milan, all founded by offshoots of the clan, and all claiming to be the "real Caraceni." The cogniscenti consider A. Caraceni, run by Mario Caraceni, to be the best. These suits are what is known as "bench bespoke" -- that is, they are made one at a time, by hand, to a pattern specifically drawn by each individual customer.

Gianni Campagna, once an apprentice of Domenico Caraceni, acquired the Sartoria Domenico Caraceni label in 1998. Under this name, his company makes expensive made-to-measure suits out of the Palazzo Bernasconi in Milan. This business is separate from and not affilated with the other Caraceni bespoke ateliers in Rome and Milan.

Learn more about Caraceni fashion at their company web site.

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