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Ecko (also spelled Eck) is a brand of urban clothing that has been popular among the subculture since the late 1990s, but has moved into the mainstream during the early 2000s. Due to its relatively high pricing, it can be considered an urban designer label. Since its creation in 1993, Ecko unltd. brand has expanded to include men's, women's and kids apparel, shoes,watches, belts, bags, and eyewear.

The label was established in 1993 by Marc Ecko, an artist, designer and entrepreneur, from New Jersey, at age 20.

The Rhinoceros

Ecko Unltd. was founded in 1993, but the rhinoceros logo did not appear for several years. Marc soon realized he needed a distinctive and unique logo. He chose this as the company's logo because his father owned wooden sculptures of rhinoceros. The Ecko logo depicts a silhouette of a rhinoceros. He has also been involved in charitable projects to prevent the extinction of the animal.

Clothing Lines

  • Avirex Sportswear
  • Ecko Unltd.
  • Ecko Unltd. Function
  • Eckored
  • G-Unit Clothing Company
  • Marc Ecko "Cut & Sew" Collection
  • Marc Ecko Leather
  • Zoo York

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Marc Ecko

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