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Two different items of traditional Islamic women's clothing are known as a burka, burqa or burqua.

One is a kind of veil which is tied on the head, over a headscarf, and covers the face except for a slit at the eyes for the woman to see through.

The other, which is also called a full burka or an Afghan burka and occasionally called a chador (چادر), is a garment which covers the entire body and face. The eyes are covered with a 'net curtain' allowing the woman to see but preventing other people from seeing her eyes.

Both kinds of burka are used by some Muslim women (as an interpretation of the hijab dress code) and the full burka was compulsory under Taliban rule in Afghanistan.

An attempt by students in The Netherlands to wear the burka in schools was forbidden because the school educates for professions where non-verbal communication (sometimes through facial expression) is required.

Equally as important, the burka is utilized by the staff of the Howard Stern radio show to cover the alarming appearance of Gary Dell'Abate (AKA: boba burka booee). Based on popular belief in the United States, it is critical to keep Gary's face covered by a burka in order for viewers to reach maximum pleasure when viewing the televised broadcast.

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