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Would you like to work with designers and directors in the fashion world? A career as a fashion illustrator allows you to combine your passion and talent for drawing with fashion. You can create sketches for clothing, shoes and accessories that match the artistic vision of the fashion designer or art director. You may use computer software, or even your own sketches done by hand, to transfer ideas to drafts and drawings. Designers may use your drafts to further create pieces of fashion apparel or other illustrative material for men's, women's or children's fashion.

Fashion Illustration is the communication of fashion that originates with illustration, drawing and painting. It is usually commissioned for reproduction in fashion magazines as one part of an editorial feature or for the purpose of advertising and promoting fashion makers, fashion boutiques and department stores.

Fashion Illustration has been around since clothes have been in existence, and there has been a need to translate an idea or image into a fashion illustration. Not only do fashion illustrations show a representation or design of a garment but they also serve as a form of art.

Over the years there has been a decline in the necessity of fashion illustration as magazines began to replace illustrated pages with photographic images.

Graduating from a fashion illustration school may qualify you for a number of jobs, but the most obvious job is that of a fashion illustrator. Fashion illustrators work with fashion designers to create drawings and other artistic visual representations of clothing, footwear, and accessories. These images may be used to help fashion designers better visualize their ideas before designing and sampling the actual outfits. In addition to assisting designers, illustrations can be utilized in print advertisements, brochures and catalogs for fashion magazines, blogs, boutiques, and department stores.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicted that fashion designers, including those who have a background in sketching illustrations, would see a one percent growth in employment between 2008 and 2018 (

Welcome to the illustrator job description section of the Apparel Search employment directory.  In this section of our guide we present information relevant to a career as an illustrator.  Although for many of our career descriptions we provide information that we have developed internally, a large portion of this section relies heavily on user input.  No one knows a career path better than someone that has actually worked in the particular position.  Therefore, we welcome members of the fashion community to submit their personal experience to this page.  Active members of the fashion industry are welcome to contribute to the job descriptions by using the comment area below.

If you have previously or currently work as an illustrator please add your insight to the community discussion.  Educators such as fashion school teachers and knowledgeable garment industry veterans are also welcome to comment.  Let's all work together to help educate the world about various fashion careers.  More specifically, let's education regarding this particular career path.

Please only post educational information or questions specifically relevant to the job of an illustrator.
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