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China suppliers exported 3.6 billion pairs of slippers worth US$5.14 billion in 2004. Export sales grew a robust 22 percent and are expected to grow further in coming months as demand from the key export markets continues to rise steadily.

The United States, Japan, United Arab Emirates and Russia are the top export destinations for China-made slippers. Together, these countries imported US$2.5 billion worth of slippers in 2004, accounting for nearly 50 percent of China's total exports of the product.

Regionally, North America is the largest market, absorbing 33 percent of total exports, followed by the European Union at 17 percent and Asia with 16 percent.

Slipper makers in China are beset with a number of challenges, led by the higher cost of key components and materials. Suppliers in the coastal provinces also continue to face electricity and labor shortages, further pushing up overhead costs.

But even with higher production and operating costs, many companies did not raise prices in 2004, opting to absorb the additional expenses to remain competitive.

The following are some of the key trends we see in China's slippers export industry:

A large number of slipper suppliers will raise prices in coming months in response to higher raw material costs, and the labor and power shortage.

Competition in the low-end is pushing many companies to shift their production focus to the midrange and high-end. This will make them more competitive and at the same time increase their profit margins.

Many of those companies that will not raise prices and will continue producing low-end slippers are likely to use lower-quality material to cut costs.

Some companies will also be producing more leather slippers in response to higher demand from the EU. But even with growing demand from the EU, the US will remain the country's top export market for slippers.

Many suppliers are increasing their R&D focus on developing new designs. However, making slippers more comfortable is the main focus at most product development teams in China.

The eastern province of Jiangxi is emerging as a major hub for slippers, especially for leather models, which are priced at least 20 percent lower than those made in Zhejiang.

China's 875 export makers offer rubber, plastic, genuine/synthetic leather, fabric and natural-material slippers. Almost all slipper manufacturers specialize in just one or two types, usually those that are made using similar machines such as rubber and plastic, or leather and fabric models.

In this report, only a little over 10 percent of featured suppliers produce all types of slippers and the majority offer plastic and rubber as their main lines. The Products & Prices section in this report discusses the main features of each type of slipper and their price ranges. It also explains the differences among low-end, midrange and high-end models in each product category.

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China exported 3.6 billion pairs of slippers worth US$5.14 billion in 2004, a robust increase of 22 percent from 2003. Prices held steady, in spite of higher costs for materials and labor.

Will manufacturers raise prices? If so, how soon and by how much? What types of slipper are going to be most in demand? Which region of China is emerging as a new supply center?

Get the answers to these questions and many others with the profiles of key producers in this report. Then use that information to shortlist manufacturers that best meet your needs

Plus, you'll receive a complete industry overview, at-a-glance product comparisons and other essential information to help you develop more efficient, cost-effective sourcing strategies.

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