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Beijing Chaolongda New Science and Technology Co. Ltd

Beijing Chaolongda is an ISO 9001:2000-certified exporter engaged solely in the production of indoor slippers. Established in 1997, this Japan-invested company has a 10,000sqm factory in Beijing and employs 560 workers.

All of the company's output is directly exported to Japan, with OEM buyers accounting for 50 percent of shipments. Export sales reached US$5 million in 2004, up 10 percent from 2003. With growing demand from its buyers in Japan, Beijing Chaolongda expects export sales this year to surge by 20 to 50 percent.

Beijing Chaolongda offers indoor slippers with rubber, plastic, fabric, genuine/synthetic leather and naturalmaterial uppers, with each type accounting for an equal share in production.

fabric slippers can have uppers made of fleece, cotton, linen, suede, satin and printed flock. Cowhide and sheepskin are used for genuine leather models. Pigskin is also being used not just as upper material but also for the midsole.

Most of these slippers have TPR outsoles, but PU, EVA and PVC are also being used.

Slippers are priced from US$1 to US$15 per pair. Models with plastic, rubber or fabric uppers are priced US$1 to US$2.50 per pair, while those with synthetic leather uppers are US$2 to US$8. Slippers with genuine leather uppers can go for as much as US$15 per pair. Prices are likely to go up 10 percent in coming months due to higher material and labor costs.

Materials and components such as plastic, leather, fabric and beads mainly come from local suppliers. These can also be imported, but usually only on buyers' requests.

The company invests US$50,000 annually in its 15-person product development team. With readily available materials, the team can produce samples in three to five days. Some of its new designs include slippers in bright colors and with printed patterns or bead trimmings.

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Company facts

Year established 1997
Head office location Beijing
Business type Manufacturer
direct exporter
Ownership Other
Factory location(s) Beijing
Total factory area 10,000sqm
Full-time employees 560
Total annual sales (all products) US$5.0mn
Annual R&D spending US$0.05mn
R&D % of sales 1.0%
ISO certified Yes

Sales & output: Slippers

Annual sales US$5.0mn
Share of total sales 100%
Annual export sales US$5.0mn
Total monthly capacity 350,000 pairs
Average monthly output 350,000 pairs
Capacity utilized 100%
Average monthly exports 350,000 pairs
Export ratio 100%
OEM/oDM % of exports 50%

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China exported 3.6 billion pairs of slippers worth US$5.14 billion in 2004, a robust increase of 22 percent from 2003. Prices held steady, in spite of higher costs for materials and labor.

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Jul 05
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