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  Maw Chawg Enterprise Co. Ltd. (Taiwan) : It is a manufacturer of spandex & metallic (lurex) covered yarns as well as qualified artificial yarns. The yarns they produce are widely used in many fields of the textile industry. They are used in the production of narrows, hosiery (tights, stocking and socks), embroidery, knitwear, knitted fabrics (flat and round knitting machines) and at weaving plants. Some of them are also used for special technical purposes such as bamboo yarn, nano silver yarn, recycling PET'so on.  They produce elasticity covering yarn.  Address No. 374 Fan Hua RD., Shiow Shui Township, Chung Hua County, Taiwan Phone 886-4-7683889 Fax 886-4-7683974 E-mail maw.chawg@msa.hinet.net  or webmaster@machangx.com   Contact : David Tsao

  • bamboo yarn manufacturer
  • metallic yarn manufacturer
  • elastic yarn manufacturer

  Shinwittex Co. Ltd. : exporter and manufacturer with more than 18-yrs experiences specialized in various yarns and elastic yarns for sock, tight, stocking, hosiery, glove, sweater, fabric knitting and etc.   Address: 7F-4, KUAN CHIEN RAOD, TAICHUNG CITY, TAIWAN R. O. C. TEL: 886-4-2323 5752, 23235762 FAX: 886-4-2323 2593 e-mail: jane.hu@msa.hinet.net

  1. Lycra/spandex covered with Nylon/polyester yarn (various counts)
  2. Rubber Thread covered with Nylon /polyester yarn (various counts) (Suitable for all kinds of knitting
    socks, gloves, sweaters, stockings, tights, panty horse, fabric, clothes, under wears, etc.,)
  3. Various X
    yarns for gloves knitting
  4. Elastic Bands, Special Bands with Printing or Silicone Webbings and Flexible knit Tape 5. Cotton Core yarns for sock knitting
  5. Nylon or Polyester Texturized / Filament yarns

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