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Fashion Designers Expo, on its 8th spectacular season, hosts its highly anticipated Fashion Week once again in Miami on May 9-11. The opening celebration on Wednesday May 9 will be held at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach.

FDE Week Schedule of Events May 9th Wednesday Fontainebleau Miami Beach 6pm-9pm "No Excuses Unveiled" The Official Launch of Outside the Huddle Foundation, Inc.

May 10th Thursday The Grand Opening of "MOCA Cafe & Lounge" LIVE Poetry and Jazz Night hosted by NFL Player Kennard Cox Proceeds from dinner benefit Outside the Huddle Foundation. 738 NE 125th Street North Miami

May 11th Friday Hilton Downtown Miami Fashion Designers Expo Runway Shows Let the Runway Meet the Cause

Top emerging designers will hit the runway to reveal their latest innovations including young designer Jordan Powell. Doctors once advised his parents that they would have to embrace the possibility of learning sign language and that he fell within the Autism spectrum. Through much intervention, Jordan was able to express himself more than just verbally. He is an artist and his voice is reflected in his artwork. On May 11th, Jordan will debut his collection for the first time on the runway at Fashion Designers Expo. Also hitting the FDE runway for the first time is Jennafer Ashley Swimwear. Returning with refreshing yet stunning collections are Young Fresh Society by Royallayn, Abnormal Ariginals, Bella Fashion Designs, and more.

FDE Week will host the official launch of Outside the Huddle Foundation, Inc. founded by NFL Player Kennard Cox to Let the Runway Meet the Cause. "I'm not just teaching kids how to tackle on the field but how to tackle life." - Kennard D. Cox

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