Elliot Vance's Carry-Art Handbags
Fashion Article Posted October 1, 2008 

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"Revolutionary! Evolutionary! Dazzling! Eye-Popping!" This is how some of the fashion world describes the
handbag collection designed by artist\designer Elliot Vance. And Mr. Vance is trying to keep up with the demand.
I am expanding my facilities, so I should be able to keep up with the high demand
, says Mr. Vance.
I never thought my handbags would sell so quickly, as I just started with my

Elliot Vance raises the bar for designer handbags and sets a new standard for fashion accessories. Unlike mainstream handbag designs with predictable, cookie-cutter patterns and colors seen year after year, Elliot Vance features beautifully colorful, intricate and multi-layered designs rarely seen in such durable fashion wear. Printed on special heavy bright artist canvas, treated with a special low or high gloss lamination to protect the artwork and trimmed in the finest leather, Elliot Vance's handbags are made to withstand the harshest weather and wearing conditions.

Mr. Vance has been a designer of outer wear in his family business for over 20 years. In 1999, he turned his attention to the computer, using a unique combination of drawing programs to create over 1,500 pieces of beautiful artwork. Using his expertise as a fashion designer and combining that with his exquisite images, Mr. Vance has perfectly merged these two artistic forms to create an unique and exciting new fashion accessory. One journalist wrote,
In launching his
Carry- Art
line of designer bags, Elliot Vance has bridged the worlds of art and fashion like none have done before
. [Amazines.com]

Believing he had something special to offer the consumer, Mr. Vance showcased his new handbag collection on the Web. Within days of premiering his
Carry Art
collection, he got a flood of response. He was contacted by the company responsible for choosing the items to be included in the 2008 MTV Movie Awards
gift bags
products, given to the stars who attended the pre-party event (prior to the awards show). Companies actually pay to be part of this Hollywood phenomenon, but Mr. Vance was asked to participate because the organizers believed that his handbags were going to be the
next big thing
to come out of the fashion world. And based on the tremendously positive response from the media and critics alike, they were certainly right! One movie actress who received one of his handbags, sent him an email of her at a red carpet affair, holding one of his most popular selling bags.

Retailers are continually on the look out for new and unique products to drive consumers into their stores. And consumers are always searching out that new fashion accessory that will set them apart from the crowd. Elliot Vance's answer to the retailer and the consumer is his
Carry-Art handbag collection, poised to be the most important entry to ever hit the fashion world.

Yes, ladies handbags have finally evolved , where art and fashion come together, thanks to artist\designer Elliot Vance!

Learn more at Elliot Vance's Carry-Art Handbags c\o Hy Fishman 305 7th avenue (corner 27th st.) 19th Fl. New York, NY 10001 Tel: 212-244-4530 email:handbags@elliotvancehandbags.com 

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