Star Labels Offer Tag Free Comfort Labels For Apparel and Garment Industry
Fashion Article Posted July 7, 2009

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The heat is on, after all it is summer. And if you are wearing a cloth which has neck tickling tag, then it is possible that you get distracted by this tag as you perspirate under the hot sun. But, gone are the days it seems.

Paradigm shift: From woven to TAG FREE COMFORT LABELS

The entire garment and apparel industry -- from intimate apparel to industrial wear, from performance sport wear to high street fashion wear -- needs tagging / labeling which bears information of size, wash-care, company logo, etc.  But there is a trend in the US and Europe, where the garment makers have now all moved from regular woven / embroidered labels to TAG FREE COMFORT LABELS. This comfort trend will also become one of the hottest trends in apparel manufacturing and promotional apparel industries in India.

Good News...

There is a good news for garment and apparel manufacturers in India who are still using the woven neck labels. Responding to the call of the time (for tagless labels), a newly set up printing house, Star Labels Pvt Ltd, Navi Mumbai, has commenced production of tag less labels (heat transfer labels) and other accessories for the apparel and garment industry. The company has invested over Rs 10 million in infrastructure and equipment (spread over a 2,500 sqft site). Besides, tag less labels, Star Label will also offer value added packaging material for garment and apparel industry (For eg. attractive saree boxes with creative design and  special effects).

Tagless labels...

The tag less labels are heat transfer labels aimed at giving comfort to people. The tagless label (which usually has manufacturers logo and care information printed on it) is heat transferred onto the garment using heat press. Tagless clothing labels are fast and easy to apply.; Ink Used in these transfer labels is FDA approved and there is no PVC, phthalate Lead in the ink. Therefore, it is good for skin contact, absolutely non itchy feeling, and very low risk of counterfeiting. It is cheaper to get the tag less label printed and getting it heat transferred instead of making a tag abel and stitch on to the clothe. And it is cost-effective for garment and apparel manufactures in terms of materials and labour (and time).

Star Lables proprietary formula...

Only few entrepreneurs in India have successfully adopted this formula and slowly all the big companies are switching to heat transfer labels. Considering this growing new trend, we will be among the first few to offer such consumer-comfort products. We are now fully equipped to offer heat transfer labels solution especially for neck label application, which are unique in its kind, says Mr. Nirav Thakkar, Star Label�s Managing Director.

Advantage consumers: NO Tag, means NO itchy or irritating feel; FEEL GOOD FACTOR: Label is inbounded with garment /apparel thus gives a feel good factor with attractive look; Skin friendly Technology: PVC free/ phthalate free and lead free, ink from reputed suppliers is being used; Star Label's Proprietary formula meets International standards and is suitable for skin contacts.

Advantage apparel garment makers: Brand Protection. Low risk of counterfeiting. Label cannot be tampered once it is Heat Transferred on to garment / Apparel;  once tag less label is in place, re-branding (by unscrupulous elements) is impossible; Short Run: Small quantity is feasible at a reasonable price; Quick turn around: For new orders with new design development 5-7 working days and for repeat orders within 72 hours.

Star Label's set up: The company has deployed one of the best screen printing technologies, an advanced 30 x 40 fully automatic STOP cylinder press with high speed and high accuracy (3000 impressions/hour) from Grafica. It has also deployed a semi automatic screen printing machine with auto take off system supported by Jet air / IR dryer chamber. To support its printing operations, the company has also deployed the entire pre press and post press set up. These include: Exposing unit, Pneumatic streaching clamps, Alluminium Tabular Frames, Emulsion Coating machine and a UV curing machine - all from Grafica Flextronica. The company has also invested in a Polar cutting machine for manufacturing labels and packaging products. It has employed a team of well trained manpower to run the production. We believe we have the right equipment to provide novel creative finishing solutions to the printing industry says Mr. Thakkar.

Business strategy...

Star Labels is targeting on three markets. Under the brand STAR LABELSCO it offers heat transfer tag-less labels; Spot UV services will be offered under the brand STAR SPOT ON� especially to Navi Mumbai printers; and STAR ACCESSORIES is a brand created to catering to fancy / value added boxes especially to the textile (sari) and jewelry market.

Based on the professional experience of Mr. Mehul Shah (Textile engineer and Star Label's Director) and Mr. Nirav Thakkar (a printing professional with 20 year experience - Managing Director), the company has succeeded in creating its own proprietary formula to offer such novel solution to Indian market (garments).


Selling fashion is about the senses. So if the T-shirt he or she (consumer) wears has a woven tag on it, it will bother his neck/back especially during the hot sweating summer. People of all ages would definitely like to wear a T shirt or a shirt with a tag less label on it instead that tickling label. Soon, this little tagless label will no longer be an optional, but a must to make the consumers more comfortable in their clothes!

For further details, garment and apparel manufacturers can contact:

Mr. Nirav Thakkar Mobile No.9930007227
Managing Director
Star Labels Pvt Ltd.
W-66, MIDC Industrial Area,
Thane-belapur Road,
Navi Mumbai - 400 701.
Tel. Nos. :- +91-22-27601208 / 09
Fax No.  :-  +91-22-27601210

Learn more about Star Labels.

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