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The word daily means done, produced, or occurring every day or every weekday.  The word weekly, means done, produced, or occurring once a week.  Although fashion week has the word "week" in the name, the events occur daily.

Fashion Week occurs as a grouping of "daily" fashion events.  Typically the overall event last for approximately a "week".  Although it is titled "Fashion Week", it is important to monitor fashion week daily.

Should we change the term?  Maybe the fashion industry should change "Fashion Week" to "Fashion Daily for a Week".  Yes, we agree that such a change to the fashion term would be super annoying.

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If you enjoy fashion as much as we do, you probably want to learn about it daily.  For those of you that wish to stay up to speed on the latest trends and information about designers, stores, brands, etc., you may want to make sure you get your fashion news daily.

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