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Clothing, footwear, and accessories are a huge part of fashion week.  So are fashion models, stylists, photographers, celebrities & journalist.  Although these people are very important, they pale in comparison to the importance of the fashion designers.  Without the designers, there would be no clothing for the runway shows.

Fashion Week Designers

Not all fashion designers attend fashion week.  It is not only about popularity.  Some very famous fashion brands are not represented at any of the international fashion weeks.  Yet, we can on occasion see emerging fashion designers that are not yet famous.  The designers that typically show at fashion week are high-end luxury fashion designers.

Each season a new crop of fashion designers debut at fashion week.  This keeps the world of fashion exciting.

Find fashion designers by name.

Learn more about fashion week and the designers that participate in the events.

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Like we said above, the fashion designers are one of the most important aspects of fashion week.  However, you will probably also want to learn about fashion models, journalists, photographers, and stylists.

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