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Do you have your ticket to fashion week?  If not, we are sorry but you can't come in.  This event is invite only.  Fashion designers will show their fashion collection but the venue has limited space.  Only a limited number of retail buyers, celebrities and the media can enter.

Fashion Week is generally not open to the public.  They are generally invite only events that are open to clothing store buyers, journalist, photographers, celebrities, etc.  Although everyone loves a good fashion week, the event is primarily a fashion industry event with the goal of product being shown to buyers for potential sale.  This is one of the reasons that they are not typically open to the public.  The venues typically have limited space.  Therefore, fashion week tickets are limited to a small number.

A press pass (alternatively referred to as a press card or a journalist pass) grants some type of special privilege to journalists.  Both "tickets" and "press passes" are in limited supply for fashion week events.

Several fashion designers present runway shows over the course of several days.  Each designer is assigned a particular day and time to make their presentation on the catwalk.  If you are attending fashion week to see a particular designer, you will need to check for them on the fashion week schedule and be sure to have a ticket for their specific show.

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A ticket is some sort of certificate or token showing that an admission fee has been paid or that someone has given you a free ticket of admission.  The use of tickets allows a show to maintain a count and limited entry into an event.

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