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In summary, the concept of business attire is the clothing that one wears to a formal business environment.  We can't simply state that it is clothing that is worn to work, because different jobs require different outfits.  For example, a person cleaning chimneys does not wear the same clothing as a doctor.  They are both obviously doing important work, but they do not both need the same type of clothes.  When we discuss business attire, we are primarily referencing typical "white collar" work.  Stereotypically, a white color worker is someone that works at a desk the majority of the day.

In the past business attire meant suits, ties, dress pants, blouses, dress shirts, long skirts, etc.  The term has become more complicated in modern times.

In the past the most common business attire for men was dark suits, dress shirts, neckties and dress shoes.  International dress standards for the office have certainly changed over the years.

Business attire is clothes that is appropriate for the work place.

Learn about dress codes.

Each company sets their own corporate policy for a dress code.  It is important to respect the opinions of your employer.

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Clothing worn to work has eased & become more casual.

Casual Friday had a large impact the company dress code for many companies.

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