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Do you know what hooker boots are?  They are boots worn by hookers... Well, that is not necessarily the truth. 

The term Hooker Boots is simply a slang term for very high boots (generally thought of as sexy high boots, by the male population).  This sort of extremely high boot, has been seen in the past on numerous ladies of the night (not by me personally...).  However, this type of boot can be worn by anyone...   

If you are human and have watched television or movies, I am sure you may be familiar with the term and visual appearance of a hooker boot.  Typically, these boots are worn higher then the knee.  They are often accompanied by very short skirts or short shorts.  Typically, a boot that fits this classification would be a leather boot (or more likely plastic that looks like leather).  However, a hooker boot may come in any fabrication, color, or design.  Often this type of boot has a high heel, but it is not a requirement. 

The term hooker boot was originally coined to reference prostitutes wearing very high boots, but the term has sense become more wide spread.  In fact, the term hooker boots does not always have a negative connotation.  In reality, the term can be flattering to women that wish to look "sexy".   After all, the prostitute wears such boots with the sole purpose of being sexy.  If a women's goal is to look sexy, and someone tells her that she is wearing hooker boots, she can possibly take this as a complement.  Clearly, there is no reason for only prostitutes to try and look sexy.  Wives or girl friends are welcome to take some fashion tips.. 

Certainly one item of clothing or one piece of footwear, does not determine ones profession.  Therefore, it is absolutely not possible to claim that anyone wearing very high boot is a call girl (prostitute).  It is simply not fair and not true to make such an assumption.

In summary, hooker boots are typically extremely high boots that are worn with the goal of appearing sexy.

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Note to wife: I have not personally seen these boots on prostitutes... I just mean that this has been "reported to me" as a fashion trend for prostitutes...).


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