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Production Automation Inc.  : Production Automation, Inc., the industry's leading manufacturer of economical, high speed, continuous motion,in-line palletizers
presents the SERIES 2500! The SERIES 2500 Palletizer can handle a wide range of case sizes including unsupported shrink-wrap cases at speed range of 25 cases per minute. Electric or Hydraulic Drive System, Heavy Duty Tubular Construction, Soft Case Turning System, Pattern Forming Area, Low Pressure Layer Placement, Scissor Lift Type Pallet Dispenser, Easy-To-Use Touch Screen Display

Pasco Systems  Since 1976, PASCO has been designing and manufacturing rugged,reliable automatic palletizers for all types of industry. They are a mid-size company, headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri ... large enough to solve your most complex material handling needs, yet small enough to offer you the personal attention you deserve. When you call PASCO, you will always be able to talk directly to someone who can answer your questions ... whether you need a design engineer, field technician or the owner of the company. Their ultimate goal is your complete satisfaction. They have built their company with their main focus being personal attention to their customer needs. The one constant they realize is that nothing is ever the same. That's why when you choose PASCO to implement a solution to your particular needs, you can count on a team of dedicated people that will be working to design, manufacture, integrate and install your system.

Top Tier :  TopTier manufactures palletizers exclusively. Their customers consider TopTier palletizers to be the best on the market, and they can't disagree. Their only focus is to provide your company with the best and most cost-effective palletizing solution for your application. TopTier palletizers are smaller, simpler, and less expensive than traditional palletizing solutions. Their patented technology uses simplified modular designs for reliability and flexibility. TopTier palletizers are tough, compact, and easy to use. Models for both high and low product infeed and optional concurrent stretch wrapping. TopTier palletizers have twice the flexibility of robot palletizers, at half the cost. Theirstandard models build pallets of any pattern at rates in excess of manual capabilities. Higher speed models are available with capabilities to 50 cases per minute. All TopTier palletizers can be equipped with options to meet any production requirement. Palletizers typically build layers on an apron. TopTier palletizers simplify the layer apron using our patented layer head with flexible apron. This innovation makes TopTier palletizers compact, simple, and easy to maintain. Traditional palletizers use lift systems to raise entire pallets in High Product Infeed systems or, in Low Product Infeed systems, move a heavy layer to the pallet. Use of large drives to move complex devices is a common disadvantage. Their palletizers simplify this process. TopTier High Product Infeed models lower the layer head to the pallet. The pallet remains stationary as layers are added. TopTier Low Product Infeed models raise or lower the row build conveyor to meet the layer head.

Vongal  With an installed base of more than 4,000 palletizers, von Gal delivers quality, reliable and high performance palletizer solutions to diversified industries including baking, bottling, brewing, paint, pet food and publishing. Tested and proven in application after application, von Gal Palletizers address the individual challenges of each new project and deliver measurable results. von Gal is backed by a long and respected material handling legacy offering decades of systems solutions, software quality, unmatched experience, exceptional technology and financial strength. Palletizers; Delivering throughputs from 15 cases per minute (cpm) up to an accelerated 150 cpm depending on product and application, there is a von Gal Palletizer to handle virtually any size and type of package, case, carton, sack, bag, bale or bundle. They also manufacture pallet Conveyor Products that range from traditional pallet and unit load handling components to specialized pieces that are designed to meet their customer's unique needs. Their family of Pallet and Unit Load Conveying equipment includes: Chain Driven Live Roller (CDLR), Chain Conveyor, Transfers, Turntables.

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