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In this area you will find some more of the fashion relevant websites that have been developed by the Apparel Search Company.  We hope that this sites are of assistance to you.  If you have suggestions regarding ways for us to improve any of our guides, please do not hesitate to let us know.  Some of our sites are still in the early stages and others are more advanced.  We will continue to make improvements to all sites when time is available to do so.  Any suggestions that you have for improvement are always welcome.

Below you will find a list of some of our apparel industry websites. 

The Fashion Industry Directories in the section below have closed in November 2013.  We have decided that we should consolidate them into the website.  They are listed below for historical reference.

Children's Fashion Directory: fashion directory of children's clothing and children's clothing suppliers. If you are in the business of selling kids clothing, manufacturing kids clothing or wholesaling children's fashion this is the directory for you.

Clothing Factory Directory: This is a clothing factory directory. If you own a manufacturing facility, you are welcome to list your clothing factory or textile factory in this directory.

Fashion Technology Directory: The fashion technology directory is for searching for companies that provide fashion software or technology related services to the fashion industry.

Textile Industry Directory: The textile industry directory is for listing companies that sell fabrics. If you work for a textile company, you should make certain that your companies information is listed.

Textile Machinery Directory: The textile machinery directory is for companies that manufacturer or distribute textile machinery and equipment for the fashion, textiles or apparel industry.

Women's Fashion Directory: Directory of women's clothing companies.  The women's fashion directory is for womenswear companies.

Men's Fashion Directory: Guide to men's fashionThe men's fashion directory is for menswear.

Trims and Notions Directory: The trims & notions directory is where you will find fashion trimming such as zippers, buttons, labels, hangtags, hangers, etc.

Fashion Boutique Directory: The fashion boutique directory is for specialty stores selling clothing or fashion accessories. If you own or work for a fashion boutique, you are welcome to list your business in this fashion directory.

Wholesale Apparel Directory: The wholesale apparel directory is for clothing wholesalers. If you sell wholesale women's fashion, wholesale menswear or wholesale childrenswear you are welcome to list your company. This directory also has a section for wholesale fabric, wholesale textile machinery, wholesale trims and notions etc.


Apparel Search Media (closed 2019)

Fashion Industry Buyers (closed December 2018)

China Clothing Factories (closed December 2018)

Fashion Industry Portal (closed December 2018)

Designer Search (closed November 2014)

Clothing Industry Jobs (Sold)

Jewelry Network (Sold September 2013)

Apparel Retailer (closed December 2013)

Apparel Wholesaler (closed December 2013, then re-opened, then closed again December 2018)

Apparel Manufacturer (closed December 2013)

Fashion-Industry (closed December 2013)

Fashion Industry Careers (closed December 2013)

Only Clothing (closed 2013)

Clothing Store News (closed December 2013)

Plus Size Fashion Directory (closed December 2013)

Petite Fashion Directory (closed December 2013)

Shirt Printing (closed December 2013)

Shoe Network  (closed December 2013)

Clothing Industry News  (closed December 2013)

How to Become a Fashion Designer  (closed December 2013)

Indian Textile Association  (closed December 2013)

Celebrity Fashion Photos  (closed December 2013)

Red Carpet Celebrity Fashion  (closed December 2013)

Fashion Industry Search  (closed December 2013)

Designer Handbag Directory  (closed December 2013)

Warehouse Search  (closed December 2013)

Apparel Industry News  (closed December 2013)

Fashion News Directory  (closed December 2013)

Fashion School News (closed December 2013)

Good fabric Suppliers (closed December 2013)

Printed Company Tshirts  (closed December 2013)

Printed School T-shirts (closed December 2013)

Printed Tees (closed December 2013)

T-shirt Printers (closed December 2013)

Tshirt Printers (closed December 2013)

T-shirt Factories (closed December 2013)

Women's Fashion Review (closed December 2013)

Fashion Articles (closed December 2013)

Any Industry (closed December 2013)

Designer Fashion Club (closed December 2013)

Designer Fashion Boutique (closed December 2013)

Apparel Pages (closed December 2013)

Cotton Price (closed December 2013)

Wool Prices (closed December 2013)

Nylon Prices (closed December 2013)

Polyester Prices (closed December 2013)

Silk Prices (closed December 2013)

yarn Prices (closed December 2013)

Childrenswear Guide (redirected to Fashion Industry Network)

Trend Forecasting (December 2013 merged into

Knit Hats (closed December 2013)

My Baseball Hats (closed December 2013)

MLB Hats (closed December 2013)

NBA Hats (closed December 2013)

NCAA Hats (closed December 2013)

NFL Hats (closed December 2013)

NHL Hats (closed December 2013)

Corduroy fabric (closed December 2013)
Flannel fabric (closed December 2013)
Jacquard fabric (closed December 2013)
Jersey fabric (closed December 2013)
Madras fabric (closed December 2013)
Knit fabric (closed December 2013)
Nonwoven fabric (closed December 2013)
Poplin fabric (closed December 2013)
Printed fabric (closed December 2013)
Reflective fabric (closed December 2013)
Ringspun Cotton (closed December 2013)
Terry fabric (closed December 2013)
Twill fabric (closed December 2013)
Velour fabric (closed December 2013)
Woven fabric  (closed December 2013)
yarn Dyed fabric (closed December 2013)

Wall Street Fashion (closed December 2013)

WWD News (World Wide Designer News) (closed December 2013)

Handbag Factories (closed December 2013)

Digital fabric Printers (closed December 2013)

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Apparel Search: Apparel Search is our first and largest website to date.  This is the site that is the foundation of our company.  Our second favorite at this time is the Fashion Industry Network. We have several more fashion websites planned for the future and will have them listed here if we ever find the time to build them.   

Apparel Search Fashion Industry b2b Directory for the clothing industry

Thank you for taking your time to view some of the Apparel Search Companies apparel industry websites.

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