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Amazing... You have reached our second apparel page of the Apparel Search website.   As you know, our entire directory is devoted to apparel, fashion, textiles and clothing.  However, our favorite is most definitely "APPAREL".   Therefore, we thought it was time to dedicate a page to the subject.  After all, we do have a fashion section.  Isn't it fair to have a special area for apparel as well?

Do you love fashion?

Here are a few of our favorite apparel industry links of interest:

Shop for Apparel Online: this section is the area in which we would like every person in the universe to shop for clothing.  This section actually contains many affiliate links.  Do you know what an affiliate link is?  It is actually a very simple concept.  For example, we create a link to a clothing store via an affiliate program.  If you click on the link and then purchase something at that apparel store, the store will pay Apparel Search a small commission.  Basically, it is a way for a store to reward another website for driving traffic to their site.  So, if you enjoy Apparel Search and you are planning to buy apparel online, please visit stores thru our Apparel Shopper section.  It does not cost you a single penny extra, but it helps keep Apparel Search in business.

Apparel Stores Directory: What do you think the Apparel Store Directory could be?  You may have guessed it.  It is a directory of apparel and fashion accessory stores.  The section is currently separated by the clothing category, by store location and by name.  In all honesty, the section has room for improvement, but we are working on it.  You can check for Women's Clothing Stores, Men's Clothing Stores, Children's Fashion Stores etc.

Apparel Industry Technology: Yes, you are absolutely correct.  The apparel technology section contains information regarding apparel software, RFID, CAD, PDM, PLM, EDI etc.  If it is relevant to apparel industry technology, you will find it in this section.  If you know a technology that is relevant to the apparel industry that we are missing, please let us know immediately.  Really, let us know now.

Apparel Trade Shows:  What is the largest apparel industry trade show in the world?  Why you asking me, I have not been to them all...  In the USA, I think the biggest is MAGIC, but I could be wrong (usually, I am not, but maybe I could be..)  MAGIC may be the biggest, but I think that you may have more fun at some of the trendy shows in New York or Los Angeles.  Anyway, in the Apparel Trade Show directory you can search for apparel shows by clothing category, by location, and by show name.  If we missed any trade shows, please let us know.

Apparel Manufacturing Directory: You can't have fashion without first manufacturing apparel.  The apparel manufacturer directory has information about the entire garment production process.  Well, we do not actually tell you how to sew garments, but we will help guide you to the appropriate apparel factories.  If you actually work for or own an apparel factory, you will also find this section to be very helpful.  The manufacturer directory contains listings of companies that supply fabric, thread, buttons, hangers, hangtags, price tickets etc.  Just go to the apparel trims section for these items.  If you are searching for clothing factories to produce a complete garment, check the apparel factory section.  If are only planning to decorate apparel, try the apparel embroidery or apparel printing sections.

Apparel Wholesaler Directory: The Apparel Wholesaler "Directory", is a listing of wholesale apparel companies.  These companies are in the business of wholesaling apparel to clothing retailers.  They do NOT typically sell direct to consumers.  If you are not a clothing store, you should try the search engines, and not the "directory".

Apparel Definition: what is the meaning of life?  More importantly, what is the meaning of Apparel?  According to Apparel Search, "Apparel" equals life.  If you are interested in a more accurate definition of apparel, I suggest you try the above link to the more formal apparel definition.

Apparel Industry Directory by Country: At one point in history, the United States was leader in textile and apparel manufacturing.  Unfortunately, times have most definitely changed.  In today's global economy it is critical to source apparel from around the globe.  It is our preference that you purchase from American Apparel Manufacturers but we fully understand if you are compelled by price to purchase from apparel factories around the world.  To make the task of locating international apparel factories a bit easier, we have created the Apparel Search World directory.  The section is still evolving and requires much work, but it is on its way to becoming an international apparel directory of choice.  Yes, we are in agreement that better world directories exist, but our is in fact getting a little better each day.

Apparel Magazine: the Apparel Magazine website is another website owned by the Apparel Search Company.  This site is not actually a magazine.  However, it links to apparel industry magazines, fashion magazines and style magazines.  If you are interested in the apparel industry, women's fashion or men's fashion, you are sure to find an magazine of interest.  The Apparel Magazine site found at is set up in the form of a directory.  We have added some apparel books to the site just incase you get tired of only reading apparel magazines.  If you actually enjoy books more then magazines in general, you are welcome to view our fashion books website for more book choices.

Apparel Companies that are Publicly Traded: the apparel industry is not only full of mom and pop retailers.  In fact, the large clothing companies have nearly put the small fashion boutique out of business.  Anyway, that is a whole other story (actually, I had written an article about this back in 2002, the article may not be very good, but if you are interested it was called Are wholesalers in trouble?)  Back to my point about publicly traded apparel companies, this section contains a list of apparel industry or textile industry companies that are publicly traded on the stock market.

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