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What is a clutch handbag?  A handbag, also called purse in North American English, is a handled medium-to-large bag used to carry personal items.  The clutch handbag is a purse that is held by the hands rather than by handles.  They are typically small in size.

A clutch is often rectangular in shape and may have detachable straps.  It is often an evening bag, but can be used during the day as well.

For a night on the town, nothing stores your essentials more stylishly than evening bags and clutches. The small size of clutch purses permits you to downsize to the most important items for your evening.

A handbag can be better than a clutch at times because it has more space for many essential items such as makeup, toiletries, a bottle of water, a wallet, mobile device, etc.  However, it is sometimes too big.  In those situations when you have to go with something smaller, a clutch is a good option.

Clutch handbags can be casual or for formal occasions.  They can be low cost or extremely high priced (and all prices in between).  Sometimes, but not always, clutches are more stylish and have a more fashionable look as compared to handbag.

Women's Clutch Handbags

What is the difference between a purse and clutch?  They are both small, but a purse is primarily used for holding money or cards such as debit or credit cards.  A purse is more of a wallet.  The clutch is used more as a mini handbag to hold various essentials (but a smaller amount of them than a typical handbag).

The clutch bag can be carried by hand, by wrist strap, or with shoulder straps.  An optional wrist strap can intensify the day-to-evening versatility.

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