Unique Clothing Line Motivated by President Obama Inspires All
Fashion Article Posted June 23, 2009

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Young man motivated by President Obama to launch very trendy clothing line based on a combination of pop art and a very unique culture and has inspired many others to use their own culture as a catalyst to promote and embrace cultural differences.

Bermudian fashion designer Chay Goins residing in Atlanta, Georgia has displayed his creative talents through the launch of a culturally-inspired t-shirt and accessory line called Gombeyza.  Motivated by the recent historical achievements of the first minority U.S. President of mixed-cultural descent, Chay aims for success in the fashion design industry by embracing his Island's own diverse culture through his clothing and accessory line.

Gombeyza is based on the Bermuda Gombeys, which is the Island's premier folk art.   Gombeyza clothing consists of a creative combination of cultural elements and pop art; each design having an element of the Bermuda Gombeys.  These creative new designs each boast an informative cultural expression and bold colors.

Gombeyza's clothing line is aimed at young adults, but aims to inspire all
particularly those with inhibitions of self expression to boldly identify with anything that uniquely defines them.  Thus, it is envisaged that Gombeyza will be an  ambassador for sharing and embracing any culture, while expressing and defining one's own.

For more information on Gombeyza Clothing and accessory brand, contact them at 1(404) 537-2098 or visit them gombeyza.com

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