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Guide to Women's Camouflage Fashion

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Women's camouflage clothing, once primarily associated with military and outdoor activities, has evolved into a fashion trend that empowers women with both style and functionality. Camouflage patterns, initially designed to blend into natural surroundings and conceal one's presence, have found their way into everyday apparel, reflecting a fusion of utility and fashion.

Clothing makes use of fabrics with camouflage patterns; for example, in 1986 the hunter Bill Jordan created cryptic clothing for hunters, printed with images of specific kinds of vegetation such as grass and branches.  Many camouflaged textile patterns have been developed to suit the need to match military and hunting apparel to different kinds of terrain (such as woodland, snow, and desert).

In women's fashion, camouflage is an important print pattern.  Camo is no longer only for hunters.  In addition, camo is no longer only in drab green.  Camouflage is often used in fashion.  You can use the following guides to further research camo for women.

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