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Bangledox Eco-friendly Clothing Company
(pronounced ban'gel-dox) is an American eco-friendly clothing and accessories online retail store. The Hispanic-owned company is headquartered in Chicago,IL., and was created in 2000 in Saint Robert, Missouri. A retailer of green fashion apparel and a manufacturer of hemp accessories. As of 2009, it manufactures all the products by hand in a small warehouse located in the U.S.

The organic clothing company incorporates environmentally safe sustainable and recycled materials into their clothing line, including: eco-friendly cottons, hemp, non-toxic inks and teas to dye their clothing, and recycled material.

Bangledox was founded on June 1, 2000 as a sustainable T-shirt company, selling hand-painted organic apparel in local flea markets, and officially became Bangledox, Inc. in 2003. The company wanted a name that would appeal to all markets, and after researching for months, Bangledox was chosen for its originality. Bangledox markets its products under its own brand as Bangledox Eco-friendly Clothing, and Bangledox Footwear and Bangledox Apparel. Bangledox trademark "We're not just a Brand. We're a movement."┬«  is meant to create awareness of global warning through its message, and the company is grounded in the concept that the clothing industry and environment can co-exist.


Bangledox was founded by Latina entrepreneur and environmentalist Marta Mele'cio, whose experience echoes many other entrepreneurs' beginnings after losing her corporate job, she knew that whatever venture she started had to follow her beliefs in helping preserve the planets natural resources and not pollute them with harsh or toxic chemicals.

The company initially operated as a small retailer selling t-shirts at outdoor events. After a humble start at local flea markets, the company launched its first online store to the public in 2003. Bangledox Eco-Friendly Clothing - Worldwide Dinky mascot was later introduced. The company's first product was based on the "recycle" logo design.

The company's goal is "To spread the word on the environmental concerns and informing you of what you can do on your part to help preserve the planet's natural resources through our tips and resources pages". The idea is to make the public aware of the harmfulness of chemicals and synthetic dyes to the environment and thus the importance of resorting to eco-friendly clothing. Bangledox Clothing® is not sold in any stores.

By 2004, Bangledox had reached an agreement with the lead singer of Chicago-based Latino group 'Los Cocodrillos' to appear in advertisement for the company. Its growth is mainly do to 'word-of-mouth' advertising, rather than traditional ads.

The company has plans for expanding its brand with future U.S. retail locations.


Organic cotton t-shirts, apparel, accessories. Recently introduced threadless tees.


Bangledox's headquarters are in Chicago, IL. It creates its line by hand in the US.

Environmental record

Bangledox is a large participant in their own manufacturing, many of their processes positively contribute to the environment by decreasing the usage of energy and the use of non-toxic materials. The expanding textile industry affects the environment by increasing its water deficit, climate change, pollution, and fossil fuel and raw material consumption. Bangledox practices do not adversely affect the environment. The materials used are natural fibers and products: organic cottons, teas and non-toxic paints, hemp, and bamboo.

Marketing strategy

Bangledox's marketing strategy is an important component of the company's growth and success. Bangledox is positioned as an independent family-owned brand, selling eco-friendly and sustainable products at fair prices. Bangledox attracts customers with a marketing strategy centering around a brand image, sponsorships and networking which is attained by distinctive message and the advertising slogan: "We're more than just a brand. We're a movement".

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