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(stylized C1RCA or C1rca, pronounced "circa") is a skateboard footwear and apparel company that started in 1999 and is based inSan Clemente, California, U.S.. It was started by Four Star Distribution along with Chad Muska as its first professional rider. In fall 1999, Circa released its first Pro Model shoe, the CM901, which became one of the fastest selling shoes on the market. With sole focus on skateboarding, Circa has built an international team of professional and amateur skaters alongside a diverse line of footwear and apparel.


Circa's team currently includes the skateboarders: Peter Ramondetta, Sierra Fellers, Ryan Gallant, Jon Allie, Adrian Lopez, Tony Tave, Grant Patterson, Dennis Durrant, Scott Decenzo, Windsor James, David Reyes, Dante DeBose, Walker Ryan, Julian Davidson, Magnus Hanson, Donovan Piscopo, Alvin Velasco, Joseph Collin Olson, Andrew Valenezula,and Ryan Gallant.

Circa released their first video, "It's Time", in May 2006, which was given out free with purchase of select Circa products from authorized retailers and with some skateboard magazines.

Past team riders have included: Jamie Thomas, Chad Muska, Chris Cole, Caswell Berry, and Mark Appleyard.

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