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Williamson-Dickie, more commonly referred to as Dickies, is an American company that manufactures clothing and other accessories, headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas.

"The Dickies Outfit" is a piece of workwear. It is typically worn by blue collar workers who normally consider them durable and functional. Dickies have generally been known as producers of quality workwear. The Dickies outfit has evolved in its uses, since its creation in 1922.

The Dickies company also makes shoes, bags, packs, guitar straps and other accessories, school uniform shirts, slacks, trousers, and jackets.

Despite the fact that Dickies clothing has traditionally been worn by blue-collar workers, some white-collar urbanites, particularly hipsters, also consider items of Dickies clothing, usually the work pants, to be at least moderately "hip" fashion accessories. Dickies shirts and pants are also popular among several youth subcultures, including skaters, lowriders, taggers, and mostly Chicano "cholo" gangs. The original popularity of dickies among gang members may have been due to their resemblance to prison uniforms.

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