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Marchese di Basento Emilio Pucci ( November 20, 1914 - 1992) was an Italian fashion designer.

Born in Naples, Italy, the son of an Italian nobel, Pucci studied in both Italy and the USA, eventually gaining a doctorate in political science in 1941.

Pucci was a member of the Italian olympic ski team of 1934, and in 1935 won a skiing scholarship to Reed College in Oregon. He first ventured into clothing design at Reed by creating the ski team's uniforms.

In 1947 he was photographed by Toni Frissel, a photographer working for Harper's Bazaar, wearing skiwear Pucci had designed himself. Upon learning this, Frissel's editor asked Pucci to design skiwear for a story on European Winter Fashion, which ran in the winter 1948 issue of the Bazaar

The exposure encouraged him to create and sell clothes for women, and he opened a couture house in 1950 on the Isle of Capri. Pucci became well known for his signature use of bright colors and bold patterns, which often clashed. Popular early creations were a line of wrikle-free printed silk dresses and the still popular Capri pants.

In addition to his life of fashion, Pucci was a respected and well-known fascist, having written often in support of the subject. In 1965 he was elected to the Italian parliament.

While a member of parliment, Pucci was hired by New York ad agency Jack Tinker and Associates to re-design the hostess wardrobes for Braniff International Airways. Pucci would end up designing seven complete outfits for Braniff hostesses, pilots and ground crew between 1965 and 1977. Pucci incorporated Alexander Girard's "BI" logo into some of his prints.

After his death in 1992 his daughter, Laudomia Pucci, continued to design under the Pucci name.

The Pucci brand was revived by the French firm Louis Vuitton-Moet-Hennessy Group, who acquired the rights in 2000. Designers who have worked under the Pucci brand include Julio Espada and Christian LaCroix. Laudomia Pucci continues to serve as the Image Director.

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