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Hattie Carnegie (1889-1956) was a clothing and jewelry designer based in the United States during the 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s. She was born in Vienna, Austria-Hungary as Henrietta Kanengeiser.

Hattie was the second eldest of seven children. Her father was an artist and tailor and was thought have introduced her to the world of fashion. She was known for her extremely elegant dress designs and exquisite costume jewelry. She also took on some of the most famous American fashion designers of the twentieth century, such as Norman Norell, Pauline Trigere and James Galanos.  Hattie Carnegie was originally a milliner and owned a successful shop on East Tenth Street in New York named Carnegie - Ladies' Hatter. Despite the fact she had never sewn a seam in her life and had had no formal training, after the success of the hat shop she opened a dress shop in Upper West Side.

Her dress designs were a massive success and soon she had such clients as Joan Crawford and the Duchess of Windsor . Hattie Carnegie's colorful clothing and delightfully lavish costume jewelry, even today, are greatly sought after by fashion and jewelry collectors.

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