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 Nico Didonna (born on 5 August 1964 in Noicattaro) is an Italian fashion designer who moved to London during the '80s, graduated from London College of Fashion with a degree in tailoring and went on to exhibit his fist collection at the Islington design centre. Since then he has run his own shop with extreme professionalism whilst continuing to exercise his talent in design, as well as supplying individual boutiques world-wide from Japan to America. The unique design and style of each individual garments has attracted clients from across the spectrum of talents and interests, from TV presenters and directors to footballers, artists and musicians are to name but a few.

NICO-d is Nico Didonna's well established men's fashion boutique in the heart of London's swinging Soho. This stylish enterprise is proving a great success and has won tremendous acclaim since it opened in July 2004.

It is Nico's seasonal inspiration for each design which varies between projects, with all the product being hand manipulated in an artisanal workshop, a guarantee of total originality's part of the delight and charm of each garment following in the continuous collection of one-offs.

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