Leonche at Northern Virginia Fashion Week February 2009
Fashion Event Article Posted April 20, 2009

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Northern Virginia Fashion Week February 2009


Update: we previously had 3 amazing fashion videos here, but they no longer work.  Possibly the originator removed them from the streaming service.


March 2006, marked the start of L onch , a new and upcoming fashion label. L onch , (pronounced lay-on-shay ), grew out of a want to expose the world to the unique essence of various cultures. The founder, Almira Wilson, was born in February 1979 located in Washington, DC to Sheriff and Olabisi Daramy. Her parents originate from Sierra Leone, West Africa but her family roots extend to Senegal, Gambia, Morocco, Liberia, and Guinea. Born into a background saturated with art, culture & style, Almira welcomed her rich heritage into every aspect of her life. The clever name L onch originates from the French translation for lion. Why lion? A lion exemplifies a strong, independent and courageous spirit, which is everything Almira wants L onch to be. For years, Almira has been designing international garments that exhibit fabrics from Africa and Europe. The company's mission is dedicated to bringing new and creative ideas to the market place, by offering products that cater to women, men, and children, sizes 0 to full figured, heights short to tall. L onch promises to be more than your average fashion label. L onch wants to be your new standard!

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Northern Virginia Fashion Week located in Alexandria, Virginia presents some footage from their recent fashion week which took place at the George Washington Masonic Memorial in Alexandria, VA from Feb 23rd to Mar 1, 2009.

NOVA strives to enhance the fashion industry by showcasing new designers and seamstress, models and photographers, hair and makeup artists, families and fans, while paying homage to those who have paved the way and live for exquisite fashion. With an array of must have silhouettes and accessories, Northern Virginia Fashion Week examines the intricacies in styles and design while embracing and promoting individuality in this elite industry. A prestigious fashion event with international designers, NOVA Fashion Week is a platform to an industry with endless potential that creates greater local economic opportunities.

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