Street Star Clothing at Northern Virginia Fashion Week February 2009
Fashion Event Article Posted April 20, 2009

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Northern Virginia Fashion Week February 2009

Street Star Clothing

Update: we previously had 3 amazing fashion videos here, but they no longer work.  Possibly the originator removed them from the streaming service.


Robert Scalia Jr. is the owner, creator and sole designer of Street Star Custom Clothing, and was born and raised in South Philadelphia. Bobby was always a fashion forward kind of guy, into the latest trends and up to date on the hottest new designers. It's almost an accident, but somewhat a miracle that he began designing his own line of clothes. While working in his family's screen printing store, people started coming in asking for custom made tees. More and more customers came, mostly through word of mouth; he created what they wanted and pretty much became a success overnight. The line just took off from there. He began experimenting with different techniques and designs, different garments and materials. Bobby is an independent freelance designer and a self-proclaimed "Fashion Engineer"- he designs, composes and arranges each piece and creates each elaborate Swarovski crystal designs by hand.

This vintage meets urban clothing line fuses together a medley of Swarovski crystals, tattoo art, embroidery, patch work and catchy sayings to make each garment unique. The exclusive collection melds together a combination of Hip Hop, Rock, Glam, Punk and Rock & Roll to put a couture twist on mainstream street wear. Street Star Custom Clothing incorporates a broad spectrum of apparel including tee shirts, hoodies, button ups, jackets, swimsuits and dresses. Street Star's most distinctive designs are displayed on the Swarovski embellished military jackets and blazers for men; and on the bold and edgy dresses for women. There's something for everyone's price range as well, with prices ranging from $40 up to $500 for his one of a kind Military Jackets. Street Star's unique range and depth offers something for everyone, but also something that no one else will be wearing, hence the slogan "We Design One of a Kind." Street Star Custom Clothing is hand crafted and embellished with Genuine Swarovski crystals. Each garment pops with color and dazzles like diamonds and is customized to fit your own personal style. No two pieces are alike, as each stone and design is hand placed and not mass produced.

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Street Star Clothing at NOVA Fashion Week - February 2009


Northern Virginia Fashion Week located in Alexandria, Virginia presents some footage from their recent fashion week which took place at the George Washington Masonic Memorial in Alexandria, VA from Feb 23rd to Mar 1, 2009.

NOVA strives to enhance the fashion industry by showcasing new designers and seamstress, models and photographers, hair and makeup artists, families and fans, while paying homage to those who have paved the way and live for exquisite fashion. With an array of must have silhouettes and accessories, Northern Virginia Fashion Week examines the intricacies in styles and design while embracing and promoting individuality in this elite industry. A prestigious fashion event with international designers, NOVA Fashion Week is a platform to an industry with endless potential that creates greater local economic opportunities.


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