Eyola and Femme De Rose Bespoke Blazers
Fashion Article Posted September 28, 2012

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Born and raised in London and the English countryside Aloye Adede was educated at St Mary's School Shaftesbury in Dorset, also attended by Camilla Duchess of Cornwall's daughter Laura Rose Lopes. After Aloye's BScHons degree in Business Management in Surrey, she moved to Italy to study Fashion Communication and Styling at the prestigious design school Istituto Europeo di Design and graduated with a Masters degree in 2007. On her return to London in 2008 she set up her eponymous womenswear label Eyola which specializes in rich, intricate, exquisite and timeless Victorian inspired jackets and dresses that epitomize iconic British tailoring.



In 2011 Eyola's sister label Femme De Rose was launched, a luxury online custom-made service giving women the ability to design and purchase a personalized jacket tailored to their exact size and taste. With over 12 million design options to choose from the choice for a one of a kind blazer is endless.

Currently women's sizes are based on standards created in the 1940s but a lot has changed and women come in a variety of shapes. Traditionally men buy personalized tailored jackets, in contrast women buy suits and jackets off the rack in dress sizes which rarely offer tailoring. The result is poorly fitted clothing. Jackets ride up, do not provide enough support and become shapeless and flat. In contrast a tailored Femme De Rose blazer can enhance each woman's best features, flattering all body types from making a boyish shape look more feminine to a curvy shape more hourglass.

The concept behind Eyola's Femme De Rose was developed during one of Aloye's countryside walks where she took inspiration from the breathtaking views and flower rich grasslands that surrounded her. Eyola's bespoke online service was influenced by Jean-baptist Guillot and his discovery of 'La France' the first hybrid tea rose that transformed the floral industry not just during the Victorian era but to this very day. Inspired by Guillot's rose cross-breading technique, Aloye created a concept of her own crossbreeding two hallmarks of the Eyola brand: timelessness and tailoring.


With strong British roots and heritage, taking inspiration from the Victorian era and British tailoring, Eyola's Femme De Rose endeavours to source all materials (including a selection of sustainable nature-friendly wool), fabrics and accessories from the UK. Aspiring to follow in the tradition of bespoke British tailoring Eyola's Femme De Rose takes inspiration and follows in the footsteps of London Savile Row's craftsmanship. In an attempt to change the way women shop for clothes, Eyola's Femme De Rose encourages and supports women's freedom of expression by involving women in the design process - satisfying their style needs and ensuring the perfect fit by requesting their bust, waist and hip measurements.

"The emphasis is on bespoke clothing that is beautifully hand crafted, one of a kind, personal to the wearer with a sense of old fashioned luxury" Aloye Adede


The lining of each blazer jacket is decorated with pink velvet ribbon, symbolizing timelessness and personality. The color also represents the rose flower, which forms an integral part of Femme De Rose's heritage and guarantees the high quality fabrics and tailoring. Each blazer is packaged in environmentally friendly acid-free tissue paper, a rose-print reusable 'Furoshiki' gift wrap and an eco-polythene mailing bag. From the infinitely desirable and timeless blazer jacket to the nature friendly packaging, Eyola's Femme De Rose aims at an experience that will remain close to each woman's heart.

Website: www.femmederose.com | Twitter: @WorldEyola | Facebook: www.facebook.com/eyola

About Aloye Adede

Aloye Adede is the brainchild behind luxury womenswear labels Eyola and Femme De Rose both taking inspira-tion from a period in history that thoroughly fascinates and inspires her - the Victorian era. By drawing inspiration from this era Aloye adopted fundamental characteristics of Victorian fashion that included: exclusivity, bespoke dressmaking and artisanal handiwork which together created the most enchantingly feminine designs. Aloye's designs follow two further fundamental elements of the nineteenth century: luxurious materials and meticulous fit, epitomized by Victorian couturier Charles Frederick Worth. Her dedication, commitment and knowledge of sharp British tailoring, acquired during her time working at Alexander McQueen and other leading fashion houses, is integral to Eyola and Femme De Rose's saviour faire.

About Eyola

On Aloye's return to London in 2008 she set up her eponymous label Eyola, using the Victorian-invented anagram game to rearrange the letters of her name. Victorian fashion, traditional British tailoring and craftsmanship are the source of inspiration maintained throughout the brand's style, expertise and culture. Visit Eyola: www.eyola.com

About Femme De Rose

Femme De Rose creates unique, one of a kind, luxury blazer jackets for women. The label offers three price ranges of blazer jackets. Design options increase with each subsequent range offering a selection of buttons, linings, trimmings and high quality British, Scottish and Venetian wools all sourced in England. Designing a blazer involves four easy steps:

Step 1) Choose the desired price range of jacket.

Step 2) Choose the features of the customized jacket.

Step 3) Select dress size along with bust, waist and hip measurements.

Step 4) Proceed to checkout.

The finished blazer is individually tailored and completed in approximately four weeks. The blazer is then sent directly to the customer, shipping to over 60 countries worldwide including UK, US, Europe, Middle East and Australia.

By the way, what is bespoke fashion?

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