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Fashion designer utilize "fit models" in order to go about the process of fitting and sizing their clothing.  A fit model is an actual model (person) that the designer will use to try on clothing.  This will help the designer develop their standard for fit.  Fit models come in all shapes and sizes.  The designer needs to select one based on their perception of their target market.  For example, if a designer is targeting teenage girls, they would most likely utilize a teenage fit model.  The fashion industry has fit models such as plus size fit models, maternity fit models, lingerie models, petite models, male models, female models, etc.  Fit models can virtually come in any shape or size.  It is up to the designer to select the model that they believe to be most appropriate to match the fit of their consumers.  Yes, this is very challenging.  Clearly, each person has a different body.  It is not easy to figure out the best standard for your customer base.
After size specs are developed, the manufacture will develop fit samples.  A fit session is then scheduled with a fit model and the garments are worn by the model so that the designer or the designers staff can inspect the fit and drape of the garments.  When a fit model works with a fashion designer, he or she will regularly come in for fittings.  Typically, the garments are not perfect on the first submit.  Therefore, size spec corrections are made, new fit samples are produced, then new fitting sessions are arranged.  This is actually a good thing for fit designers, because this allows them additional fit sessions (which allows them to earn more money...).
What happens to fit models that age, gain weight, grow taller, etc.?  Well, this could be a problem... The purpose of the fit model is so that the designer can maintain a "standard".  If the fit model (standard), grows or shrinks then the standard has changed.  That is certainly not a good thing.
Fit models are typically required to have a very balanced and proportioned body shape (if the designer is looking to fit "average" body types).  However, even fit models body dimensions vary from one model to the next.  Certainly, fit modeling is NOT a perfect science.
The only way to make clothing fit "all" of your customers perfectly is to make custom made clothing for each customer...


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