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ASMclothing (or Altered State of Mind; ASM) is a clothing company located in Cleveland, Ohio. ASMclothing was established in September 2005 by James Hagedorn, Chris Arpajian, Kris Wernet and Rob Thompson.

The Beginning

Currently in its third year, ASMclothing has released 4 lines of designs.

While the company originally began as an online-only retailer, ASM has since expanded into a stand-alone retail outlet located in Rocky River, Ohio. The company currently specializes in quality shirts with original designs, created to reflect the alt-rock and punk sensibilities of their target demographic.

ASM got its start and taste in the music industry through the band Driver Side Impact (currently signed to Victory Records). Through tough times between the band and ASM, in the end, they continued to be friends and communicate with DSI stating "...if you guys ever need any help or anything, let us know....".

As a part of the Cleveland music scene, ASMclothing has continued to form partnerships with indie rock bands such as ...And You're Not Invited, Storms in May and Forever in a Day. From the New Jersey area, ASM has befriended record label Blue Duck Records and specifically two acts associated with the label, After the Sirens and Polaris.

January 2008 - Present

As of January 2008, ASM has halted production of designs and all company activity due to breach in contracts with 3 acts they had signed a year ago and when their contract was up for renewal, the bands failed to sign off and repay monies owed. Total monies owed are assumed to be $30,000+. When inclined for comment, ASM commented, they will keep everyone updated as things progress, but as of January, there has been no progress, nor does there seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel. They went on to apologize to the customers and bands they represented.

The breach of contracts not only interrupted their design and music divisions within the company, but also stopped and sent their production of an indie film and commercial into "development hell", which as most know, it becomes an uphill battle for such projects to re-arise.

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