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was created in 2000, together with its wholly-owned subsidiary TEC-Technology Enabled Clothing, Inc. (TEC), to design and manufacture a full line of clothing with a patented conduit system (US Patent #RE40613) [1] to manage and control wires associated with MP3 players, iPods, cellphones, wearable computers, etc., and also feature many specialized pockets[2][3] and compartments to accommodate the electronic devices and wires common in today's mobile lifestyle [4]. SCOTTEVEST is also commonly referred to as SCOTTEVEST/seV or SeV. SCOTTEVEST is headquartered in Ketchum, ID[5].

In 2001, Scott Jordan (founder of SeV) as inventor on behalf of SCOTTEVEST filed for a patent [6] for among other things, his interpretation of an affordable alternative to a Personal Area Network allowing the wearer to carry and operate third-party personal electronic devices such as iPods, MP3 Players and cell phones while the devices are inside the garment[7]. One product integrated solar panels into the jackets[8]. At the time of SeV's founding, Gartner Research projected that 60% of Americans would be carrying personal electronics for six or more hours per day[9]. Apple has sold more than 110 million iPodsĀ® [10] with some projections as high as 173 million, and over $1 Billion spent annually on iPodĀ® accessories,[11][12] a category directly addressed by SCOTTEVEST clothing.[13] The wearable computing market is projected to be worth $7 Billion USD by 2014.[14]

Origins and History

SCOTTEVEST, Inc. was founded in 2000 by lawyer-turned-entrepreneur Scott Jordan [15] in Chicago, IL [16]. The company takes its name from its founder (Scott Jordan) together with its first product, known as the eVest [17]. SCOTTEVEST uses "SeV" as an abbreviation for "SCOTTEVEST"[18].

SCOTTEVEST's first product was a vest, marketed as the eVest 1.0 [19], utilizing the "version" naming convention typical of technology products. It contained 15 pockets and was sold for $120 [20]. They currently make vests, jackets, fleece jackets, pullovers, hoodies and pants[21], all of which incorporate specialized pockets and wire management features[22]. In 2008, SCOTTEVEST/seV released its fifth-generation product line with the Fleece 5.0 and Quantum Jacket [23].

In 2002, President Bush was rumored to have seen a Secret Service agent's SCOTTEVEST and requested his own with the Presidential Seal.[24][25]


In 2003, SCOTTEVEST moved its headquarters from Chicago, IL to Ketchum, ID[26]. SCOTTEVEST is expected to open its first retail location in Ketchum, ID in May/june 2009.[27]

Management Team

Several members of the SCOTTEVEST Management Team:[28]

Hap Klopp - Chairman of the Advisory Board, Co-Founder of The North Face [29]

Steve Wozniak - Advisory Board Member, Co-Founder of Apple, Inc. [30]

David Farber - Advisory Board Member, Distinguished Career Professor of Computer Science and Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon University & Former Chief Technologist at the FCC [31]

Products and Innovations

As of April 2009 SCOTTEVEST's apparel line includes 21 items marketed to men and women [32]. Their first product was the eVest 1.0 [33], which has evolved into the currently available SeV Travel Vest.


Scott Jordan on behalf of SCOTTEVEST was awarded a patent (#06826782) [34] in 2004 for their Personal Area Network. In 2009, this patent was re-issued as RE40613 [35] and assigned to TEC-Technology Enabled Clothing. SCOTTEVEST's wholly-owned subsidiary Technology Enabled Clothing (TEC) offers for license this patented system to other clothing manufacturers[36].


SCOTTEVEST is also known for clothing that incorporates many pockets specifically designed for personal electronics, medications, sunglasses and other travel-related gear.[37] The suggested use for these pockets is often indicated by an icon stitched onto the pocket[38]. The product with the fewest pockets is the Performance Polo (1 pocket)[39] and the most pockets is the Scott Jordan Signature System (52 pockets) [40].

Engineered Design

Most SCOTTEVEST products are marketed as having NoBulge(TM) and DeepPockets(TM) Design [41]. These terms refer to SCOTTEVEST's engineering approach to clothing. NoBulge(TM) and DeepPockets(TM) Design denotes a pocket structure in garments which allow electronic devices to be carried without showing obvious bulges, by layering internal pockets such that they do not overlap and conforming them ergonomically to the wearer's body[42].

Use of fabrics

The fifth generation of SCOTTEVEST products (including the Fleece 5.0 & Quantum Jacket) incorporate a "clear touch" fabric to interior pockets. This fabric is transparent and allows touchscreen electronic devices such as iPhones to be viewed and operated through the fabric[43].


In 2002, SCOTTEVEST CEO Scott Jordan announced in the Wall Street Journal that SeV would "spend in the millions to defend my patent rights." [44]. Since then, SeV has been the subject of some controversial litigation.


In 2002 SCOTTEVEST was threatened with a lawsuit by IBM over the use of a cursive lower case "e" in SCOTTEVEST's logo (originally spelled "Scott eVest") [45]. To avoid a lengthy and costly legal battle, SCOTTEVEST agreed to change the font of the "e" in their logo, but widely publicized the dispute as a David vs. Goliath fight[46].

Scott USA

In 2004, Scott USA of Sun Valley, ID sued SCOTTEVEST for trademark violations, alleging that SCOTTEVEST violated company trademark by using the word "Scott" in its brand name [47]. The case was settled, with SCOTTEVEST agreeing to concatenate and capitalize its brand name (SCOTTEVEST instead of Scott eVest).[48]

PR and Marketing


In 2001, SCOTTEVEST hired Playboy Playmate Rebecca Scott as their spokesmodel. She made appearances at trade shows and appeared in advertising materials for the company [49].

Social Media

SCOTTEVEST makes use of social media technology such as Twitter [50] as a marketing strategy to address the estimated 35 percent of Internet users in the United States aged 18 or over now using an online social network.[51] One of SCOTTEVEST's strategies is to embrace all forms of social media, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Stickam[52]. Scott Jordan is one of the few CEOs that records a for marketing daily video blog post[53], maintains a Facebook presence [54], Twitters regularly [55], produces a live daily video program called SCOTT TV[56], and provides a live video feed in the SCOTTEVEST office/store [57].


In October, 2008 Steve Wozniak and Scott Jordan filmed promotional video footage for SCOTTEVEST/seV, which was later edited into commercials that received poor press reviews and also formed the basis of a green screen contest in March and April, 2009.


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