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Marc Jacobs is an American fashion designer, raised in New York. Following his studies at the Parsons School of Design, he became prominent on the fashion scene when he designed a "grunge" collection for Perry Ellis, leading to his immediate dismissal. Jacobs is currently the artistic director for Louis Vuitton, spearheading such collaborations as Stephen Sprouse's graffiti bags and Takashi Murakami's pastel-colored accessories. His own clothing lines, Marc Jacobs and the less expensive Marc By Marc Jacobs, are also extremely popular.

Marc Jacobs has been known to design under his own free will without following trends. In Spring 2004/2005, when designers were following the "safari theme'", Marc Jacobs made his collection completely lady-like and the catwalk which the models walked on had an archway of 450,000 roses. For his fall collection in 2005, he got some terrible reviews and some fantastic ones.  His clothes are available in many countries around the world.

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