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A buckle (from Latin buccula) is a clasp used for fastening two things together, such as the ends of a belt, or for retaining the end of a strap. Before the invention of the zipper, buckles were commonly used to fasten boots and other shoes.


Buckles were used in ancient Greece and Rome, particularly in military equipment. Buckles were first used commonly in the cheek strap of the Roman Galea, hence the word origin from the Latin bucca cheek. Because of the simplicity and durability of the buckle, it became popular in harnesses and embroidery, especially in shoes and boots. It was commonly used as a typical clasp for clothing until the zipper was invented.

Contemporary Uses

Today, the buckle is most commonly used for belts, although it is still used in shoes and particularly boots. Tanker boots employ the use of buckles because of the disadvantages of laces.

Buckles can also be seen on backpacks, watches and other wrist jewlery, or for ornamental purposes on other various objects. Buckles are also commonly seen in modern gothic fashion.

A buckle can refer to a seat belt or safety belt, as in the term, "buckle up."

In Canadian heraldry, a buckle is the brisure of an eighth daughter.

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