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Tanker boots are military boots closely associated with soldiers who serve on tanks and tracked vehicles in general. It is said the idea was borrowed from the French crewmen encountered during World War I when then-Captain George S. Patton, Jr. established the United States Tank Corps. Whereas regular combat boots are laced through metal eyelets in the leather upper, the tanker boots are fastened with leather straps which wrap around the upper and buckle near the top. This benefits the wearer in several ways:
  • Many boots have nylon or canvas panels in their uppers and also nylon laces which will melt if exposed to fire. Melting boots and laces will serve to further injure a crewman and make his/her evacuation of the vehicle more difficult.
  • Tracked crewmen typically find themselves working in very muddy environments. Another advantage of Tanker Boots is that they are much easier to loosen than a regular laced boot when caked in mud.
  • Also, today's modern tankers are exposed to many harmful chemicals - Flame-Resistant Hydraulic Fluid (FRH), Turboshaft transmission fluid, Grease, oils and various fuels. The all-leather construction of Tanker Boots prevents absorption into the boots and these chemicals from coming into close and prolonged contact with the wearer's skin.
  • Tanker Boots also allow for improved circulation to crewmember's feet, as they may be sitting or immobile for long periods of time. Tank crewman during the Gulf War reported remaining seated at their gunners', drivers', and commanders' stations for periods up to the entire 100 hours of ground combat.
  • An unauthorized variant of the tanker boot is the cav boot which is higher above the ankle (in imitation of riding boots worn by the old horse cavalry) and might be worn by soldiers assigned to divisional cavalry squadrons and scout units.

The above definition is for Tanker Boots.. If you are looking for another clothing term with the word tank, try Tank Tops.

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