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drab  a light olive brown.  Any of various cloths of a dull brown or gray color.

drawer  [Plural] an article of clothing, as underwear, for the lower body

dreadnought the cloth used for a dreadnought garment, namely a warm garment of thick cloth.  A warm garment of thick cloth

dress  an outer garment, as for a woman or girl, usually consisting of a one-piece bodice and skirt

dressing gown  a robe worn especially while dressing or resting

dress shirt  a man's shirt especially for wear with evening dress; broadly, a shirt suitable for wear with a necktie

dress uniform  a uniform for formal wear.

drill  a durable cotton twilled fabric.  Twill. Left-hand twill. From top left to lower right. L2/1 or L3/1.  Closer, flatter wales that gabardine.  Medium weight and course yarns are used.  Also made in some other weights.  Some left in the grey but can be bleached or dyed.  When dyed a khaki color it is known by that name.  (Another Definition for Drill): A strong cotton material similar to denim which has a diagonal 2x1 weave running upward to the left selvage.   Called Khaki when dyed that color. Used for uniforms, shirts, work clothes, ticking.

drip-dry  a drip-dry garment

drop stitch construction is generally used on jersey and rib fabrics for either fabric design or for the separation of rib fabric pieces. Used in knit shirts and dress fabrics.

drugget a wool or partly wool fabric formerly used for clothing.

dry suit  a close-fitting air-insulated waterproof suit for divers

DTM abbreviation for Dyed To Match. For example, on a spec sheet it may indicate that the buttons are DTM buttons. This means the buttons are to be dyed to match the ground color of the garment (or dyed to match another color of the garment as specified).

duchess an 8-12 shaft satin.  It is a dress fabric.  Very fine yarns are used, particularly in the warp with more ends/inch than picks.  The material is string, has a high lustre, and texture, and it is firm. Usually 36" wide.  Characterized by grainy twill on back.

duck  generally made of Cotton; originally made in linen.  Also called canvas.  Name originated in 18th Century when canvas sails from Britain bare the trademark symbol - a duck.  Very closely woven and heavy. it is the most durable fabric made.  There are many kinds of duck but the heavier weighs are called canvas.  It may be unbleached, white, dyed, printed or painted.   Washable, many are water-proof and wind proof.  Made in various weights.

duffel  a coarse heavy woolen material with a thick nap.

duffel coat  a heavy usually woolen medium-length coat with toggle fasteners and a hood

dun  a variable color averaging a nearly neutral slightly brownish dark gray.

dungaree  a heavy coarse durable cotton twill woven from colored yarns, specif. blue denim.

dupion (type of silk) has a moderately crisp drape and falls into wide cones. Decorators and designers love its quiet luster, lofty fullness and elegant feel. The Indian Dupion has a particularly luminous quality and a great deal of body.

duster a lightweight overgarment to protect clothing from dust; a dress-length housecoat

duvetyn a smooth lustrous velvety fabric.

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