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FOB  "Freight On Board" As it relates to closeout merchandise: 'This refers to the location of the merchandise being represented and shipped from. This can be some indication that the merchandise is being "Brokered", obviously if the company you are dealing with is located in Texas and lists merchandise FOB Florida you can almost assume your broker has never seen the merchandise offered. Be careful as this is not the case in all situations. A company may have multiple warehouse locations. This is a grey area and very hard to determine. You will notice many companies stating, "We have many FOB or warehouse points all over the US". This should not be construed as company owned facilities.' (this definition provided by Robert Cyr at RLC Trading)

F.O.B. (Front On Breast)  as in men's FOB watches that used to be worn on a chain tucked into the breast pocket of a waistcoat (US- vest). Tailoring term used to describe positioning of pockets etc.

foil adhesive  a clear plastisol based ink for applying brilliant high-gloss metallic foils by transfer application.

footwear a type of clothing worn on the feet (generally over socks...).  Sneakers, boots, sandals and several other types of shoe fall into the footwear category.

form  form in art is an essential for representation of ideas or expression of emotions, forms can be achieved or created only when the perception or understanding is adhered with certain shapes, so form is a cognitive element.  "Form" is also sometimes referred to as a mannequin.

foulard an article of clothing made of foulard, namely a lightweight plain-woven or twilled silk with a printed pattern.  Very soft, light fabric.  Noted for its soft finish and feel. It is usually printed with small figures on a dark or light background.  Similar to Surah and Tie Silk, but finer.  Was originally imported from India.  Twill, 2 up 2 down.

four-in-hand  a necktie tied in a slipknot with long ends overlapping vertically in front

forest green  a dark yellowish or moderate olive green.

formal (formalwear) Black Tie, Dinner Suit or Tuxedo 

foulard a lightweight plain-woven or twilled silk usually decorated with a printed pattern.

a braided cord worn usually around the left shoulder, especially when awarded as a military decoration

foxy of a warm reddish brown color.

FOY Polyester (also called Fully Drawn Yarn - FDY), is produced by a process similar to POY manufacturing except that the yarn is produced at even higher spinning speeds coupled with intermediate drawing integrated in the process itself. This allows stabilization through orientation and crystallization. FOY is mainly used as weft or warp in making fabrics. FDY can be knitted or woven with any other filament yarn to get fabric of various different varieties. FOY Polyester yarn is used for industrial applications requiring uniformity and consistent tenacity, elongation, and shrinkage. Most binder yarns, industrial sewing threads, and hose reinforcements are produced from FOY polyester.

FPU   Fabric Production Unit

french cuff  a soft double cuff that is made by turning back half of a wide cuff band and fastening with cuff links

frieze   refers to a rough, heavy, fuzzy, rizzy, boardy woolen overcoating fabric with a rough surface which originated in Friesland Holland.  Often used for overcoating material for soldiers. Much adulteration is given the cloth.  Irish frieze is quite popular and more reliable and is called "cotha more".

fright wig  a wig with hair that stands out from the head

frise  frise  frise  frise  rayon most popular, also mohair and silk and synthetics.  The ground or backing yarns are usually made of cotton.   Sometimes jute or hemp are combined with the cotton.  Pile (looped).   Made usually with uncut loops in all-over pattern.  It is sometimes patterned by shearing the loops at different lengths.  Some made with both cut and uncut loops in the form of a pattern.  Frise is also spelled Frieze but frieze really refers to a rough, fuzzy, rizzy, boardy woolen overcoating fabric which originated in Friesland Holland.  Often used for overcoating material for soldiers. Much adulteration is given the cloth.  Irish frieze is quite popular and more reliable and is called "cotha more".

frock  an outer garment worn by monks and friars; an outer garment worn chiefly by men; a long loose mantle; a workman's outer shirt; a woolen jersey worn especially by sailors; a woman's dressMore at Frock

frock coat  a man's knee-length usually double-breasted coat  More at Frock Coats

frontlet a band or phylactery worn on the forehead

fuchsia vivid reddish purple.

fuji a spun silk clothing fabric in plain weave originally made in Japan.

having a dark or dusky color.

fulvous  of a dull brownish yellow; tawny.

fur  an article of clothing made of or with fur

fuscous  of any of several colors averaging a brownish gray.

fusecut (label) finishing is the most common cutting method for printed labels.  This procedure utilizes a hot knife to heat seal the ends as the label is cut from the roll.  It is the most economical form of finishing by virtue of its speed and the fact that it saves fabric.  However, it is not recommended for shuttle weave products.

fusible interlinings are of considerable help in the clothing  industry because for shaping, edge stitching, securing, strengthening and under  picking, which eliminates tacking or stitching procedures.  Interlinings are particularly applied in the tailoring of jackets and blazers, overcoats, uniforms, dresses, blouses, shirts, overalls and in the sportswear sector.

fusing machines  bond precut textiles with interlinings.

fustian a strong cotton and linen fabric.

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