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Fashion Article Posted September 24, 2009


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As I write this, the season of autumn is just beginning.  Literally, it is only the first day of fall yet retailers are trying their hardest to get us to get into the holiday shopping mode.  Why do they try to rush the season so much?  And why does it seem like every year the holiday shopping frenzy is forced upon us earlier and earlier?  For goodness sake, there are 90 something shopping days left until Christmas.   What's the big rush???  There are several theories out there as to why retailers try to get us to start our holiday shopping so early and here's what some are saying about this year in particular. 

We just came off of the Back to School shopping season which had sales that were disappointing to say the least.  So in order to make up for those disappointing sales, retailers need to have better holiday sales numbers.  If the season is longer, the sales may be better.  Folks may be able to spread their spending out over several billing cycles rather than get hit with all of their holiday shopping charges all at once.  Seems to make sense to me, but will it be a successful strategy?   On the other hand, We've all heard about the sad state of our current economy and everyone seems to be affected by it.  So will that cause shoppers to set stricter budgets for their holiday shopping?   Will holiday shoppers really be able to limit their spending?   Only time will tell. 

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Have a happy fashion Christmas and Chanukah... And every other holiday.

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