Nudie Jeans
Fashion Article Posted October 18, 2011

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It's refreshing to come across a brand that has aims above and beyond just selling clothes. The people at Nudie Jeans are just that committed and aim to create their jeans with as little damage to the environment as possible.

This is no easy task. The cotton industry is so large it is common that companies resort to pesticides and genetic modification to help better protect their crops. Of course this has a hugely damaging effect on the environment.

Nudie Jeans use organic cotton as much as they can, which is most of the time, in hope that they can create a product that is sustainable in terms of the environment and as a business.

But in order to be considered organic the cotton fields from which the cotton is taken must be pesticide free for over three years and Nudie jeans have achieved that feat and as a rather nice touch come delivered in recycled paper packaging demonstrating just how commitment to conservation the brand is.

And the jeans themselves are that bad either. Take a look at this pair of Thin Finns:

Nudie Jeans

These jeans are a slimmed down version of the 1950's carrot shaped silhouettes. They are slim from the hip and tapers down to a narrow leg opening and in my humble opinion might look cool with braces; particularly with a white T-shirt.

Following through to their website, which can be found here, you will be met with a rather nice animated shop that will allow you move the model left and right to get a better feel for how the clothes look if you decide to buy them online.

It's a nice step towards solving the problem of not being able to try clothes on when you shop online but doesn't quite answer the issue completely.

All in all I'm rather impressed with Nudie jeans. Especially when I found the above pair of Thin Finn's on the site – me being a rather lanky guy called Finn – and I already have a pair in the post.  So for the sake of environment - and fashion if that's not your interest - mosey on over to their site and take a look at what they have on offer. I strongly recommend it.

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