Erica Chase Easter Bonnet 2012
Fashion Article Posted April 9, 2012

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New music artist Erica Chase was either attacked by a large pink bird or she sported the best rock and roll Easter bonnet in Hollywood as she walked out of Flasher on Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles and was spotted on the street by two paparazzi photographers. If it's a bird, somebody call an animal rescue. It's an Easter bonnet, then Fergie's daughters and the other British ladies who don those crazy hats have nothing on Erica. When Erica isn't shopping for killer rock threads, she and her Sheryl Crow-meets-the-beatles vibe are working on her upcoming album with multi-platinum producer Dana Strum of Slaughter.

Erica Chase Easter Bonnet 2012
Erica Chase shopping at Flasher on Melrose Avenue Los Angeles, California - 05.04.12 Photo Credit:

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