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What exactly is sports apparel? 

Well it is either clothing that you wear to play sports, or it is clothing that you wear to show people that you enjoy sports.  Either way, sports apparel is definitely relevant to sports.

When playing in athletic competition, one would typically wears what is called a sports uniform or an athletic uniform.  Whether the sport is played at a local level (recreationally) or professionally, the majority of sporting activities utilize some sort of sports uniforms.  For example, a baseball uniform, soccer uniform, karate uniform, rugby uniform etc.  You name the sport, most likely the teams or individual competitor has some sort of uniform to wear.  Even if you consider hot dog eating a sport, you may find that they will occasionally wear a mustard stained t-shirt as their uniform.

In addition to the world having an ample supply of athletes, the world is also comprised of "spectators".  Although the spectator may not be "on the team", they often wish they were.  In addition to wishing that they were an official team mate, the fanatical sports fan also wishes to look like a one of the team players.  To quench the thirst of the spectator, the apparel industry has graciously manufactured team apparel to be worn by athletic wannabee's of all shapes and sizes.  Actually, if a sports enthusiast is so inclined, they can buy their favorite sports apparel in sizes all the way from toddler sizes up to 5XL (and possibly beyond).  Are you wearing your favorite Team Jersey?

Here are some clothing categories that are typically worn when embracing recreational sports activities.

Shorts - running shorts, sports shorts, swim shorts...  Actually, any type of short is perfect for a hot day. As a matter of fact, as far as we are concerned jogging in daisy dukes is acceptable (please note, it is NOT acceptable for all people... I hope you understand)

T-shirts - if you are not in an official sports uniform and you are planning a casual spat at athleticism, we strongly suggest a t-shirt (unless you are playing winter or cold weather sports).

Sports Bras - most appropriate when worn by women.  If you are a women, you understand why these should be worn.  If you a man and have questions, please ask a women.

sports bra and fitness pants

Sweat Suits - the world consists of many different types of suits, but if you are looking for a suit that is relevant to sports, you should look no further then a sweatsuit (a combination of Sweat Pants and Sweat Shirts).  A sweat suit is typically worn so you can stay warm, sweat, and get tired running around and doing exercise...

Warm-ups - warm up suits are essentially the same as sweat suits.  See the above.  We do not wish to repeat ourselves...

Hats - baseball hats are not only worn for baseball.  You can find baseball style hats for the MLB, MLS, NFL, WNBA, NBA, NHL, NASCAR, NCAA etc.  Another type of sports hat is called a helmet.  We suggest wearing them when biking, playing football, playing hockey, roller blading, etc.  Any sport that heightens your risk of head trauma, you should definitely wear a helmet.  Speaking of trauma, you should also always were an athletic supporter to help avoid injury during sporting activities.

Swimwear - swimwear is acceptable for outdoor volleyball, water polo, and obviously swimming.  If you plan to go for a bike ride or for a swift jog around the block, please do not wear swimwear... That is just silly.  Please wear shorts or sweatpants like a normal person.

How about footwear?  Isn't that important?  Don't worry, I have not forgotten about athletic footwear.  I fully understand that when writing an article about sports apparel, it would be rude of me to not mention sneakers, cleats, turf shoes etc.  If you want to learn more about athletic footwear, you should check out some of the large shoe companies such as Nike, Reebok, Adidas, etc.  Yes, I understand that these companies have grown well beyond simply shoes..  Actually, if you wish to learn more about footwear, you can check out the shoe network.

When searching for sports apparel you can also investigate companies such as Russell Athletic, Under Armour etc.  You will be able to find clothing from these companies and others at retailers such as Dick's Sporting Goods, or the Sports Authority.

Are you wearing your favorite sports team jersey?

Written by ML at Apparel Search January 3rd, 2008

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Apparel Search Fashion Industry b2b Directory for the clothing industryAs a professional garmento (and someone from New Jersey), it is my personal opinion that the best sports apparel to own is product that indicates that you are a Yankee fan... Actually, team apparel from the Giants, Rangers, Devils, or Islanders all meet the Apparel Search dress code ...

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