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Egyptian cotton grows as a small, bushy tree and yields cotton with unusually long, silky fibers.  Egyptian cotton refers to a country where cotton is grown.  This is the same as saying Australian cotton, Peruvian cotton or US cotton.  However, Egyptian cotton that is made of extra-long staple fiber can create a softer hand fabric than cotton made of short staple fibers.

A t-shirts is a short-sleeved casual top, generally made of cotton, having the shape of the letter T when spread out flat.  This type of garment can be manufactured from a wide variety of fibers & fabrications.  Most often produced with 100% cotton knit jersey or a cotton blend.

womens Egyptian Cotton T-shrits

More information about Egyptian Cotton:

Gossypium barbadense, also known as extra-long staple (ELS) cotton, is a species of cotton plant that has been cultivated to have ELS fibers – fibers longer than 34 millimeters (1 3⁄8 in) – which are associated with high quality cotton fabric.

Varieties of ELS cotton include: West Indian Sea Island Cotton Association (WISICA) Sea Island, American Pima, Egyptian ELS Gizas, Indian Suvin and Chinese Xinjiang.

The term Egyptian cotton is usually applied to the ELS cotton varieties produced in Egypt (Giza 45, Giza 70, Giza 77, Giza 87, Giza 88, Giza 92, Giza 93) and used in luxury and upmarket brands worldwide.

Using longer staple fibers allows cotton fabric to be produced with a softer hand.  Learn about the hand of fabric and why the hand of fabric is important.

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Yes, Egyptian cotton is grown in Egypt.

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