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Warrior Lacrosse
is a manufacturer of lacrosse equipment and apparel based in Warren, Michigan. It was founded in 1992 by Dave Morrow. Warrior Lacrosse was acquired by New Balance on February 1, 2004. Their largest competitors include STX and Brine (also a subsidiary of New Balance).

It sponsors several college lacrosse teams as well as Major League Lacrosse (MLL) and the Canadian Men's National Team. Warrior Lacrosse also sponsors many players individually such as Mark Millon and Greg Cattrano. It was the title sponsor of the 2006 Warrior World Lacrosse Championship in London, Ontario and the 2007 Warrior World Indoor Lacrosse Championship in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It is also the presenting sponsor of ESPN's annual coverage of the NCAA men's lacrosse championships. Warrior first broke into the lacrosse industry with the introduction of the titanium shaft. Warrior's most popular shafts are still the Titan(ium) Classic and the Titan(ium) Pro.

Dave Morrow

Dave Morrow was the 1991 NCAA National Player of the Year, but he wasn't always a star. As a high school defenseman from Detroit, Mich., Morrow lacked knowledge of the game and polished skills. But in high school he went to Top 205 recruiting camp anyway in search of exposure to college coaches. There, surviving only on unparalleled intensity and raw athletic ability, Morrow drew the attention of Princeton University coach Bill Tierney, who would later recruit Morrow to Princeton. While at Princeton, Morrow considered quitting the game, but after Tierney convinced him to stick it out, he quickly developed into one of the nation's best defensemen. He earned first-team All-American honors in 1991 and 1992 and won the 1992 National Championship. During that 1992 season, Morrow's father noticed the large number of aluminum shafts the players were using could be easily bent. So he headed back to his Michigan tubing business and produced four titanium poles. Morrow and his teammates immediately fell in love with them. The Tigers subsequent run to the title created a buzz around the titanium shafts. Coaches and players began calling, looking to get their hands on the poles. The word spread and after graduation, Morrow started Warrior Lacrosse, after some encouragement from John Davie, who was starting a graphic design business with his brother. Davie, who's still heavily involved with Warrior, helped Morrow develop some cutting edge advertisements. In one photo shoot to promote Warrior Lacrosse, former Maryland goalie Jim Beardmore got a little overzealous and nearly fell off a cliff. In another, a live king cobra started jumping and nearly left its cage. The risks seem to have paid off. Now, Warrior is one of the biggest manufacturers in the sport.

Company Timeline

1992 – Princeton Junior Dave Morrow and his dad develop the first titanium lacrosse shaft prototypes. They are twice as strong and half the weight of aluminum or wood. Morrow and his Princeton teammates use these prototypes en route to the National Championship.

1993 – Dave Morrow starts Warrior lacrosse in his Princeton dorm room. The name Warrior is taken from his high school team in Michigan – the Brother Rice Warriors.

1994 – Warrior's titanium shafts take the lacrosse world by storm, becoming a must for all defensive players at the NCAA level.

1998 – Warrior sponsors the victorious United States National team at the World Games in Baltimore, MD. This legitimizes Warrior as a true lacrosse brand.

2004 – Warrior is acquired by privately-held New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc. Morrow stays on as President and CEO.

2005 – Warrior acquires California-based manufacturer Innovative Hockey and establishes Warrior Hockey. Warrior hockey sticks are an immediate hit in the NHL, and are quickly recognized as the highest quality hockey sticks available.


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