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in Materials Science the word elastomer refers to a material which is very elastic, like rubber. The word elastic is often used colloquially to refer to an elastomeric material such as rubber or cloth/rubber combinations.

holding things together, e.g. with a rubber band

flexibly moving something over a thick to a thin part, as in clothing put on over the head, hips, hands, feet, and elastic necklaces, bracelets, watcharmbands. An alternative in many of these cases (not for socks) is a closing device such as buttons, a zipper, laces, Velcro, a buckle, a snap

flexibly making airtight or fluidtight connections as in a hose or condom

flexibly cushioning (a shock absorber) as with tires and for the soles of shoes, and under the legs of chairs, under vibrating equipment, on a door or door-post, on bumper cars, etc.

See also bias tape, sewing, tailoring, dressmaker, zippers, rhinestones, rivets, sequins, velcro, trimming.
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This type of tape is used in garment production.
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