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Shibori is a term and process that originated in Japan.  Shibori is a dyeing technique that involves binding certain sections of cloth and dipping them in indigo to achieve a tie-dye like pattern for jeans.

shift a woman's slip or chemise; a woman's usually loose-fitting or semifitted dress

shimmy chemise

shirt  a garment for the upper part of the body; a cloth garment usually having a collar, sleeves, a front opening, and a tail long enough to be tucked inside trousers or a skirt; undershirt

shirtdress  a tailored dress patterned after a shirt and having buttons down the front

shirting fabric suitable for shirts.

shirt jacket  a jacket designed in the style of a shirt [Also called, shirt-jac]

shirring  gathering of fabric. To gather cloth into decorative rows by parallel stitching

shirtwaist a woman's tailored garment, as a blouse or dress, with details copied from men's shirts

shit kickers slang term for boots with steel toes (you may not find this one in two many dictionaries...)

shocking pink  a striking, vivid, bright, or intense pink.

shoddy  a fabric often of inferior quality manufactured wholly or partly from reclaimed wool.

shoe an outer covering for the human foot typically having a thick or stiff sole with an attached heel and an upper part of lighter material, as leather

shoepac a waterproof laced boot worn especially over heavy socks in cold weather

short knee-length or less than knee-length trousers; short drawers, shorts.  A jam is also a form of a short.  Generally the jam is longer in length than a short.

shoulder bag a handbag looped over the shoulder by a strap

shovel hat a shallow-crowned hat with a wide brim curved up at the sides that is worn by some clergymen

shrimp pink  a deep pink.

shrug a woman's small waist-length or shorter jacket

signet ring a finger ring engraved with a signet, seal, or monogram; seal ring

silk a garment made of silk; a distinctive gown worn by a King's or Queen's Counsel; [Plural] the colored cap and blouse of a jockey or harness horse driver made in the registered racing color of the employing stable.  Thread, yarn, or fabric made from silk filaments.

silkaline a soft light cotton fabric with a smooth lustrous finish like that of silk.

silk hat a hat with a tall cylindrical crown and a silk-plush finish worn by men as a dress hat

silver  a nearly neutral slightly brownish medium gray.

simulated linen fabrics  various rayons, cottons, synthetics, and blends are woven with threads of uneven thickness to simulate linen.  They lack the cool, firm, yet soft feel of linen.  Their irregularities are too even when seen beside real linen.

Singeing process in which unwanted surface fibers are removed by passing the fabric through a flame, or by using infra-red radiations or by burning against hot plate. The process generally takes place before bleaching or finishing

singlet [Chiefly British] an athletic jersey, undershirt

sisal   plant name Agave sisalana and the fiber obtained from its leaves, used for hard fiber cordage. Ssisal is one of a group of fibers obtained from the leaves of plants.  It is obtained from a plant that belongs to the Agave family and is raised in Mexico, especially in the Yucatan peninsula.  The fibre is also cultivated in Africa, Jva, and areas of South America.  Sisal can be dyed bright colors, by means of both cotton dyes and acid dyes normally used for wool.   It is important in the manufacture of such items as matting, rough handbags, ropes and cordage and carpeting.  The fiber has also been called Sisal Hemp.

size specs learn about size specs from an article written by Apparel Search.

skate roller skate; ice skate

ski boot a rigid padded shoe that extends just above the ankle, is securely fastened to the foot, as with laces, buckles, or clasps, and is locked into position in a ski binding

ski mask a knit fabric mask that covers the head, has openings for the eyes, mouth, and sometimes the nose, and is worn especially by skiers for protection from the cold

skimmer a usually straw flat-crowned hat with a wide straight brim; a fitted sleeveless dress with a flaring skirt

skirt a separate free-hanging outer garment or undergarment usually worn by women and girls covering some or all of the body from the waist down

skirting  fabric suitable for skirts.

skiwear clothing suitable for wear while skiing

skivvy men's underwear; especially a T-shirt and briefs or shorts [Usually used in plural]

skort  this design features shorts covered by a front-wrap (and sometimes a back-wrap also) skirt panel.  Basically, the garment is a "short" that also takes the appearance of a "skirt"

sky blue  a variable color averaging pale to light blue.

skullcap a close-fitting cap, especially a light cap without brim for indoor wear

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