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self-belt a belt made of the same material as the garment with which it is worn


selvage denim 

separate an article of dress worn interchangeably with others to form various combinations.  For example, a suit separate. [Usually used in plural]

sepia a brownish gray to dark olive brown.

sennit  a braided cord or fabric (as of plaited rope yarns).

serape a colorful woolen shawl worn over the shoulders often found worn in Mexico.

serge  worsted   unfinished worsted, wool, cotton, silk, rayon, and synthetics.  A very distinct twill (2 up/2 down) which shows on both sides of the fabric.  On the face, the distinct diagonal runs from the lower left to the upper right - piece dyed.  Has a smooth, hard finish that wears exceptionally well but will shine with use.  The shine cannot ne removed permanently.   It is a good cloth in tailoring as it drapes and clings very well. Made in various weights.  Unfinished worsted and wool are not quite as clear on the surface.   French Sere is made of very fine soft yarns and has a very fine twill.  It is used for dresses or very soft suits.

service cap a flat-topped visor cap worn as part of a military uniform [Compare garrison cap]

shako a stiff military hat with a high crown and plume

shalloon  a lightweight twilled fabric of wool or worsted used chiefly for the linings of coats and uniforms.

sham  which has the same meaning of pillow, but for usage on top of a comforter or quilt

shantung   plain weave fabric (cotton, silk, rayon, synthetics) having a slightly irregular surface due to uneven slubbed filling yarns.  It is a raw silk made from Tussah silk or silk waste, depending on the quality.  It is quite similar to pongee, but has a more irregular surface, heavier, and rougher.  Most of the slubs are in the filling direction.   Wrinkles quite a bit.  Underlining helps to prevent this as well as slipping at the seams.  Do not fit too tightly, if long wear is expected.  Comes in various weights, colors and also printed.

shapewear tight-fitting underwear or under garment intended to control and shape the figure.

sharkskin   Worsted. Some wool.    Also made in rayons and synthetics (particularly Arnel) but they are quite different.  (1) rayon (acetate), synthetics, particularly Arnel. A smooth crisp fabric with a dull finish made usually of rayon in basket weave. It is very smooth and slippery.  Has a flat look.  It is mostly made in white but some also comes colored.  It wears well and launders well particularly in Arnel.  Has a tendency to turn yellow with age, but the Arnel remains pure white.   (2)  Worsted. Some wool:  2 x 2 twill weave (1 white, 1 black up and same down).  The yarns in both the warp and filling are alternately white (or very light yarns) and colored.  The combination of weave and color results in colored lines running diagonally to the left opposite to the twill lines in a "step" effect.  Has a very sleek, smooth, feel and appearance.   Although it is fairly light in weight, it has a very substantial feel.  Gives excellent wear and sheds dirt readily.  Has many variations.  Used for men's and women's suits, lightweight coats and sportswear.

shawl a square or oblong usually fabric garment or wrapper used especially as a covering for the head or shoulders

shawl collar an attached collar rolled back in a continuous tapering line that follows the surplice neckline of a garment

sheath a woman's close-fitting dress usually work without a belt


sheepskin a garment made of or lined with sheepskin

sheen  a textile exhibiting notable sheen.

sheer an article of clothing of sheer fabric.  Mostly plain but could be various weaves.  Any very light-weight fabric (e.g. chiffon, georgette, voile, sheer crepe).  Usually has an open weave. Sheer

shell a plain usually sleeveless blouse or sweater

shell jacket a short tight military jacket worn buttoned up the front; mess jacket

shell pink a light yellowish pink.

shepherd's check  a fabric woven in shepherd's check pattern, namely a pattern of small even black-and-white checks.                                  shepards.gif (4516 bytes)  (Example of sheperd's check)

shetland  wool from Shetland sheep in Scotland.   Sheep have a coarse outer coat and a very fine undercoat which gives added warmth.   The best is the undergrowth.  It is not shorn but pulled out by hand in the spring.  Other wools sometimes called shetland if they have a similar appearance.   Has a very soft hand and a shaggey finish of protruding fibers.  A pulled wool; the soft undergrowth of the shetland sheep.  Very lightweight and warm.   Much is made by hand and comes in distinctive soft coloring. Often the natural colors ranging from off-white, various greys to almost black and brown are used and not dyed.  Real Shetland wools are expensive, high quality products. - In the same family group as homespun, tweed and cheviot.

shetland wool yarn spun from Shetland wool.

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